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May 27, 2017

#19 He needs to shut up.

Yes.  President Donald Trump needs to shut up.  But that is not this paper.  It is of course former president Barack Obama.  Maybe this is inaccurate but President Reagan never criticized President Bush when he left office.  President Bush never criticized President Clinton when he left office.  In fact he left him a note that was quite powerful and heartfelt.  President Clinton never criticized President Bush when he left office.  The two became friends and even helped each other with charities.  President Bush never criticized President Obama.  Some would say this article, Washington Times, proves that he did.  But he said government was the problem not one person.  Now while they were all campaigning, that is different.

However, now enter the most narcissistic president ever.  He criticized the Bush years.  He never took the blame for anything during his presidency.  And now he openly criticizes President Trump.  But we knew it was coming.  Even though President Trump is a loud-mouthed bully, and someone should shut his Twitter account down, it is still not the place for another former "dignitary" to try and topple them.

The only reason why he is doing it is because of his narcissism.  He feels that he never did anything wrong.  He only wanted the prestige.  If he wanted to change the country he would have stayed a Senator where he has no term limits.  If he wanted to make a change he would not have skipped on his last two years of being a Senator.  He saw the limelight and stepped out into it.  He wanted the fame and name.  If he didn't want this then he would shut up.  His time is over.  His legacy ruined many people.  He was a president for the minority, not the majority like presidents should be.  His policies, if they positively affected anyone, only helped the smallest number of people.  Cash for clunkers?  Turning over Bush's abortion policy (first thing he did in office even after saying in debate with McCain that it was above his pay grade, Debate).  Yes, Obamacare was only for the minority.  His executive orders.  Gay marriage (although this was not his idea, still only a few people).  My Brother's Keeper.  In other words, if you were white, male, straight, and Christian you had no chance in this presidency.  And for a president who said he was about equality, that would be hypocritical. Now, that is not to say that women, non-Christian, non-heterosexual practitioners, or non-white people are unimportant.  This is not to say that we shouldn't help those in minority groups of any kind.  What it is saying is that he only targeted groups that would vote for him or remember him in legacy form.  What it is saying is that he did not really believe in equality.  If we are "born this way", then white heterosexual males should not be penalized just because they have been in power for a long time.  Black lives matter?  YES!!!!  But all lives matter.  Women's rights?  Yes, but men should have parental rights too.  Freedom of speech and religion?  Yes, but Christians should be able to speak out without ridicule and defamation as well.

No, that president ruined most Americans.  His raising of the deficit to help a few we will be paying for decades to come, way more than all the other presidents we have had combined.  His raising of taxes, Obamatax, hurt the middle/working class, the same class that his mentor (Karl Marx) said we were supposed to help, i.e., the Proletariat.  These taxes were hidden.  For example, he changed the tax codes and made it look like a tax break but when the categories were re-evaluated and some were in different brackets, their taxes actually went up.  And on top of that his tax "breaks" were only $20 per paycheck.  That is enough for one meal at McDonald's per family each week.  President Bush gave $600 per adult, up front, one lump sum, enough for a down payment on a car.  His cash for clunkers raised used car prices so high that middle class families had to go further into debt buying new cars or settle for keeping their older unreliable cars for fear of going into debt.  Obamacare made most people pay more for their healthcare AND then forced us to pay for others.  That is not democracy.  His liberalism is not what the definition of classical liberalism, it is socialism, two terms that have consolidated from polar ends to become authoritarian, or as Bernie Sanders calls it Democratic Socialism.

Usually this site never gets personal, but his policies affected me, for 8 years and ruined my life. But because of that president's policies, me, the average American, lost $18,000 in those 8 years.  This stopped me from getting a safer and more secure car for my wife after her accident.  This stopped me from giving to more charities because my insurance went from $30 a paycheck to $90 a paycheck, thereby taking money I had reserved for groups like Food for the Hungry, local churches, and even family members.  This stopped me from adopting children because it takes a large down payment to get into the adoption system.  If I am the average American then how was that president for the people?

Do not say that that president progressed us.  Do not say that that president moved us forward.  He needs to go away.  He needs to shut up.  He should show SOME dignity like other former presidents.  Then again, maybe all presidents should shut up.

1 comment:

Tim said...

In all fairness the 5 presidents that got together for hurricane relief, which included Clinton, Carter, and Obama was quite touching. This is how he should speak up. I will give credit to where it is due. Thanks to GW Bush for hosting the event.