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Political Statistics

Below you will find extraordinary, controversial, and/or disturbing statistics about our world.

  • An estimated 200,000 children are forced to serve as soldiers around the world.  The worst offenders are in Africa.  In Somalia, the US may be paying for some of them (source: Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers).  The problem is not new; Nazi Germany and Iran had also used this tactic in the past on a major scale.11.1 million illegal immigrants are in the US.  This is actually a decline since 2007. (source: Pew Hispanic Center)
  • Top 5 oil producers are :  Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, Iran, and China.  Total produced from these 5 is 36.2 million so barrels per day.  The rest of OPEC (10 other nations besides SA and Iran) only produces 10 million barrels per day.  Yet OPEC controls most of the price. (source: Energy Information Administration, 2008)
  • Top 5 oil consumers:  USA, China, Japan, India, and Russia. Total consumed from these 5 is 38 million barrels.  China and India are the largest increase in the last decade.  Only one OPEC country is in the top ten.(source: Energy Information Administration, 2008)
  • OPEC was created in 1960.
  • $94 million was the last of Germany's payments for WWI reparations.  It took them 92 years to pay it off.  Hitler stopped payments while he was Chancellor.  West Germany picked up the payments to build trust and good standing back in the world. (source: New York Times )
  • Only 5 currency symbols are internationally recognized:  US Dollar, Japanese Yen, the Euro, British Pound, and now Indian Rupee.  A clear sign India's market is primed and ready to take over. (source:  New York Times)
  • 300 million Chinese students are learning English as compared to 75,000 American students learning Mandarin.  (source:  Ethnologue)
  • 845 million people speak Mandarin, English is spoken by 328 million.  China will double that number in the next decade.
  • There are 7000 languages in the world.
  • There are 195 independent nations.
  • The estimate population of the world is 6.9 billion.
  • The worst conflict in numbers going on today is in the Congo.  5.4 million have died in the Civil War.  One reason the war still goes on is for the resource of tantalum ore, a mineral used in many cell phones such as Blackberries.  (source:  Nickolas D. Kristof)
  • There is an estimated 33 million people who have AIDS in the world.  More than 15 million people have died of AIDS in Africa in the last 30 years.
  • The poorest nation in the world is Zimbabwe, $100 per capita GDP.  Haiti is the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, $1,300 per capita GDP.  The US is $46,000
  • The top 5 countries with number of prisoners per population:  USA, Russia, Rwanda, St Kitts, and Cuba.
  • Top countries with most billionaires:  US, China, Russia, India, and Germany.