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February 19, 2018

#23 School shootings are only a result

School shootings are not the problem.  They are a result of something bigger.

As with every new school shooting the two sides of the 2nd Amendment argument start to rear their ugly heads.  And it's the same argument each time.  One side says that guns should be regulated and we wouldn't have these issues if guns were off the streets.  The other side says that these things will still happen even if no one had guns and guns are the only things that stop the criminals.  Both sides are correct and both sides are idiotic.

These things will keep going on because we don't understand the problem.  Most are blaming the wrong things.   We fail to recognize that we are only treating the symptoms without addressing the disease.  Most don't even know the difference.  To every disease there are a few things we need to know about it.  There is a direct cause for the disease.  The disease shows symptoms.  Other factors come into play that affect the way the disease spreads. And then we have to deal with the results.  But just like any disease it could have been prevented if we know the cause.  Like most diseases it can be treated.  Like some diseases we can control the factors.  But once it gets this far, like no disease it can be stopped.

Here are the steps of the disease, in reverse order.

  • The results---Death.  We have mass carnage that we have to deal with.  We have families that are torn apart.  We have children who are traumatized for life.  We have schools who feel unsafe and fear grips us.  Others get angry and start to blame the factors or symptoms.  We offer prayers.  We grieve.  And then we move on until it happens again.
  • The factors---Blame.  We tend to blame these and feel as though dealing with these is the answer.  This is not to say that we should not be dealing with these because we should, but this will not solve the whole problem.  We shouldn't just blame these and feel justified.  Mental illness is a factor.  We live in a world that has fallen and mental illness is a result of that.  Bullying is a factor.  We live in a world where the stronger feel that they can control others through intimidation  Worshiping the famous is a factor.  We uplift those who are famous and want to be like them.  When others get attention it causes some to desire that infamy.  People get famous for the news they make.  Some even do it on social media and get paid millions of dollars for posting videos of how stupid they are.  That brings in the fact that social media is a factor.  It just adds into the infamy, bullying and worshiping that has already been mentioned.  And perhaps that biggest factor is how lazy we have become with parenting.  Adults who have children are no longer in the lives of their children.  They don't get  involved.  They don't ask.  They don't share in their feelings.  And they don't know what is going no in their lives.  Children have no guidance.  But all of these are results of the symptoms.
  • The symptoms---Selfishness.  Guns are a symptom.  But it's not what you think.  The argument of "guns don't kill people, people kill people" and "yes, but if the person didn't have a gun then the gun wouldn't be a problem" is always brought up.  Look, both have good valid points.  If there were less guns then there would be less gun violence, period.  And yes, the gun in and of itself sitting there will not kill anyone. All should know about gun safety.  Blah, blah, blah.  Overall the gun is not the issue.  Freedom to own a gun is not the issue.  The issue about guns and what makes it a symptom is the fact that some feel the need to have a gun.  Guns have been around for 600 years.  It's only the last 50 years that the problem has been around and has escalated in the last 20 years.  The feeling we need to have a gun is the issue and a symptom.  The entitlement attitude is a symptom.  Some feel they need to have things and that they deserve things and the should have it now.  This causes self and instant gratification.  We become disrespectful of traditions, order, wisdom, and authority.  The main symptom is our selfishness.  But this selfishness is caused by the disease.
  • The disease---Our culture.  We live in a world that has lost its purpose.  This disease has a cause.
  • The cause---We lack love.  But even more we don't know what love is.  We have masked love as tolerance and acceptance.  We say that we love our partners, spouses, significant others, but too many times it's only lust.  We have so many distorted ideas of love that we feel love is only temporal.  Love is conditional.  We treat love as though it is okay to be apathetic.

The problem is that we think we can change the result if we find a cure.  But our cure to all of this is with anger and loud voices.  We can protest, write letters, run for office or whatever all we want.  We blame the factors by making wild claims and forget the other side.  We treat the symptoms by passing laws.  We get paralyzed by the results and settle for non-action.  We need to address the disease by acknowledging the cause.

The cure is true love.  True love is patient, kind, doesn't envy, doesn't boast, and isn't proud.  It's doesn't disrespect, or is self-seeking.  It is not easily angered.  It forgives.  It doesn't like evil but it rejoices in the truth.  It protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.  True love lays down its life for its friends.

Until we know this kind of love, the disease spreads.

October 29, 2017

#22 Liberalism has killed the Millennials (and they don't even know it)

Looking at the generation that is ready to start their careers and starting the major turns in life puts fear into the hearts of the generations before.  But let's face it, the generations before the millennials are the ones who raised them to be this way.  Nothing, absolutely nothing has destroyed this generation though more than liberalism.  Liberalism always destroys.  Maybe those who believe in feel they are doing good and creating a brave new world but in the end it brings nothing but destruction.

In liberalism, everyone is rewarded.  There are no losers.   In the late 1990's many wrestling tournaments as an example started to change the way they said things.  Instead of saying the "losers' bracket", they would say the "non-winners", as if that was really different.  But what it did show is that apparently we had to start being more careful about what we say to be people, especially children so we didn't destroy their dreams.  Being alive was the achievement.  In reality that is probably accurate given the way we destroy life anyway.  Everyone gets a trophy.  We all meet in the winner's circle.  Even if you're 4'5" you can be the next Michael Jordan because mommy says you can.
  • The problem with this way of thinking is that we are setting up false hopes.  Everyone thinks they will succeed because they were part of something.  We are setting an example for these millennials to not have goals.  They end up having no desire to do any better because they are "already winners".  Competition is too difficult for them so many just don't try.  They are afraid of actually losing.  And when they do they make so much drama about it as if once loss destroys all they have done.  That means they only try things that they know they will "win" at.  And because of this they always feel like they are right.  Remember they are never a loser, so they are never wrong.  Try and tell a millennial what they have done wrong and they will answer with some smart remark or give up.  They need to understand that life needs work.  They need to know that sometime things don't go right but you have to keep trying.  Sometimes you are wrong.
In liberalism, they teach that everyone should rely on others on ways to make things easier.  Technology is used by liberals and conservatives alike but listen to the example.  Yes, all technology can be used for good, but most of the time it is used to make things easier, a lazy way out of things.  It's ok to rely on others to get what we need.  Technology is no exception.  Everything is now at our fingertips.  All we have to do is ask Google, Siri, or Echo.  Millennials are constantly on their social devices.  That is how they converse, that is how they research, that is how they listen to music and read, that is how they stay connected with everyone around them, including those in the same room.  Everything has already been done for them.
  • The problem with this way of thinking is that one day if all we do is rely on someone else having the answer then no one in the near future will be adding anything new.  We will have run out of those who have already did this and done that.  And because of all of this millennials do not know how to have a real conversation.  Emojis are not real life answers.  They do not know how to read people correctly.  There is no inflection on words.  People do not know how to actually express themselves since they are limited to 140 characters.  Then when they do talk to people they don't know how to control the volume or demeanor of their voices.  Everything sounds like an argument or a misunderstanding.
In liberalism everything is a right.  No matter what we do we have the right to feel a certain way, act a certain way, believe a certain way, or say whatever we want because of the freedom that liberalism stresses.  Yes, freedom of speech is the greatest thing we have but as Peter Parker's Uncle Ben said, "with great power comes great responsibility".  That freedom is often abused.  Just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to use it all the time.  Some things are not needed, but this generation feels they have the right, as in because they have an opinion, that they should use that right in all conversations.  No, sometimes SHUT-UP!!
  • The problem with this way of thinking that if everything is a right, then there are no such things as consequences and we can all do what we want.  Lifestyles can be whatever you want because there are no absolutes.  That is absolutely wrong.  There are absolutes in this world.  But this generation has erased many of those lines we used to have drawn.  Things like abortions, sexual immorality, drunkenness, and drug usage on one side and then omission of caring, inactivity, and tolerance on the other side all hidden in the argument of "basic human rights".  It's not about abortion, it's about a woman's right to choose--wrong.  It's not about one man and one woman, it's about love--wrong.  It's not about using drugs, it's about feeling good--wrong.  The worse part is when you ask them about tolerance, they are only tolerant if they agree with you.  And if they don't agree with you then go back to the first issue above.
In liberalism everything is free and deserved.  Another distortion of basic human rights.  Free college, free health care, free contraceptives.  Where will it stop?  Free food!  Free housing!  Free clothes!  Free cars!  Free manicures!  Free make up!
  • The problem with this way of thinking is life doesn't mean you deserve everything.  They feel they should get it no matter what.  They don't have the motivation to be any better.  They forget that somehow, someway, someone will still pay for these things.  How do you get food?  Someone grew it.  How do you get education?  Someone is using their talents to teach you.  How do you get contraceptives?  Well, first of all, have sex when you are ready for the consequences.
In liberalism there should be no religion.  If everyone is right then don't tell me about your religion because who's to say what belief is right?
  • The problem with this way of thinking is without religion we have lost the last thing to believe in.  Yes, there are problems with "religions".  That is why people need to find the right thing to believe in, which is a different topic.  But we lost faith in our government.  We lost faith in our parents.  We lost faith in our systems.  The only thing left is our actual faith.  And now we are losing that too.  Without faith in something we lose hope.
This generation has lost all hope.  They have become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, and unholy.  It's no wonder why they feel like there is nothing to live for.  And this is what liberalism has caused.

August 17, 2017

#21 All forms of hatred need to addressed.

In light of the recent activity, Charlottesville 2017, the main sentence is that hatred never solved any issue in this world.  Donald Trump is not the greatest person on the earth and not the greatest of leaders.  He has already said some stupid things that conservatives do not agree with and certainly not with anyone from the other groups.  He does not stand for true conservative values.  The only reason why the GOP stands up for him, when they do, is because they want to try and keep the peace as much as possible.  Prediction is that soon they will abandon him.  With that said, there is some truth in what President Trump said about the riots; both sides are to blame...but for different reasons.

Why is the "alt-right" to blame?  First and foremost, they are not the alternative right.  They are in no way , shape, or form an alternative to conservative values.  It doesn't matter what they call themselves.  They are a hate group and it is embarrassing, and inaccurate, to be labeled on the same "side" as they are.  They spew hatred.  We do not.  They promote violence.  We do not.  They do not accept every race.  We do.  They have salutes and disrespect people who fought in wars.  We do not. The list can go on and on.  So, why are they to blame?  Simply put, they're idiots.  Idiocy is always a reason bad things happen.  They are promoting ideas that have been defeated by the USA twice (1865 and 1945).  Every thing they stand for slaps our military in the face.  Thousands died against this type of belief.  They have the legal right to protest per 1st Amendment, but do they have the moral right to do so?  No.  If they would just assemble, give their speech in a normal voice and then move on then fine.  But they do not.  They protest, not because it is their right, not because they are right, not because they actually want laws passed.  They protest for one reason only; to spark an event to get them noticed.  They are idiots.  But our laws allow them to be idiots.  They are to blame due to their hatred but even more so because of their actions.

So if they are wrong then why is the left to blame as well?  The answer is as simple as the first.  They are idiots too.  Are they wrong for hating the hatred that Nazis spew?  No.  They are correct.  All hatred should be hated.  Are they wrong for protesting?  No.  Are they wrong for protesting protesters on opposing sides?  No.  But they are wrong in how they approach the other side.  Even though the words they speak sound logical and are on the side of acceptance, they are not.  They use the same rhetoric and mannerisms that the Nazis do.  Hence, there is not much difference between Stalin and Hitler.  If they just showed up with their signs and in larger number and kept peacefully to themselves, their message would have been heard more and received by more.  But they think they have to yell louder than the other side.  And that doesn't work.  They claim to be the people of tolerance but they only tolerate those who agree with their views.  Many of them showed up with weapons and got violent.  Not only did they get violent, some of them started the whole violent scene. They did not come there to protest idiocy.  They did not come there to protest a protest.  They came there to be just as loud and hateful as the other side.  And for that reason alone, they were wrong.

Donald Trump is partly to blame.  His rhetoric and "no backing down" attitude is ridiculous.  But to say he caused the situation or because of him people feel they can be racist or sexist gives him too much credit.  These people were idiots before Donald Trump came along.

Barack Obama is partly to blame.  His victimizing the minority and "backing down" attitude was lame.  He took sides when it came to race relations and those who voted for Trump saw that and pushed many over to Trump's camp.

And above all, the media is to blame.  Trying to find a news source that only reported the story instead of casting blame to one side or the other, or trying to find a news source that did not only do a story about how Trump or Obama responded, or trying to find a news source that didn't only do a story about Nazis or Antifa is almost impossible, otherwise it would have been posted here.

When one side wants to protest, let them.  Let them get all of their angry words out there.  Let them fly their flags and march.  Let them have their moment.  Eventually they will lose their voice. Eventually people will fly higher flags.  Eventually larger numbers of people will march for better reasons.  Eventually their moment passes.  They are allowed to have their opinion.  They are allowed to assemble and stress their opinion.  Once they do they will realize they are the minority.  If we do not give them their moment to shine they will fade away.  But instead we all come to these rallies with guns blazing, locked and loaded.

Hate may come in different forms, but it is all the same.

No matter who is to blame, that young lady's life should never have been cut short.  That cowardly murderer should have now just forfeited his rights as a citizen.  Condolences and sympathies go out to the young woman's family who lost her during this event. Her life should never been in jeopardy.

July 6, 2017

#20 This was a spit in the face of soldiers

If you want to sleep with whoever you want, go ahead.  If you want to express your feelings for whoever, go ahead.  If you want to show your pride in what or how you feel, go ahead.  After all this is the United States, the most free country in the world (Yes, it is, try somewhere else if you don't agree).  But if you do, then don't compare your life or struggles EVER with what our military goes through...EVER!  This picture is not disgusting because of the portrayed homosexual nature.  Who cares?  You're gay?  Then you're gay.  This picture is disgusting because it makes it seem like this community is fighting for the freedom of all people.

Not even close.  The soldiers raising the American flag put their lives on the line not only for the freedom of their own country but for the whole Pacific Ocean and eventually freeing the Japanese from their own form of tyranny.  They dodged real bullets.  The sweat real blood.  They lived in real fear.  And most of all what they did was they fought for real freedom.  What did these on the right do? All they are doing in REALITY is fighting for sexual activity rights.

One could say they are doing it for everyone else but they are the only ones who received any "benefit" out of their struggle.  To be honest if they fought for this then they would fight for incest, bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia. NO!  This is NOT comparing these sexual activities with each other.  It is just saying that other sexual activities have a law against it, based on mankind's feelings.  Most homosexuals like most heterosexuals would say that pedophilia is sick.  But why?  They can't argue religious reasons because that is what they say is argued against them.  It is only sick because of our culture saying it is.  A person 40 years old having sex with someone 17 years and 364 days is wrong but the next day it's okay?  Why can't two siblings have sex?  Is it nasty?  By whose terms?  Can't be just religious.  It must be the culture.  So, the fight for freedom here on the right is not like the fight for freedom on the left.

One could say they are fighting against tyranny.  Then who is the tyrannical dictator they are fighting against?  It must be America since they changed the flag.  America must be the enemy since they are raising their own flag.  They must be saying that their flag is more important than all our country's flag.  The US, the freest country in the world, is their tyrannical enemy?

One could say they are fighting for minority groups who don't get a voice.  Why are there no women in the picture?

One could say they are fighting for equality.  Then all flags of all groups should be raised in the picture.  But wait, we already have that flag.  It has 50 stars and 13 stripes on it.

One could say that they are fighting for freedom of speech.  Then what are they saying?  Are they saying they are the new soldiers?  Are they the people who now do all the fighting?  Who knows if the soldiers on the left are gay or straight?  We don't.  But we sure know the ones on the right.

Yes, theirs has been a struggle to become more than 2nd class citizens.  That is understood.  Yes, there has been discrimination to this group of people.  That is understood.  Yes, there is a feeling of not belonging.  That is understood.  It is completely understood that this is not a perfect country or that not all people have had a voice in the past.  But that is NOT what this is about.  It is wrong and in poor taste because of who it replaced.  Nothing more, nothing less.

No.  This, no matter what, no matter how you feel, no matter who you are, is a spit into the face of every soldier that died or fought for the sake of freedom.

May 27, 2017

#19 He needs to shut up.

Yes.  President Donald Trump needs to shut up.  But that is not this paper.  It is of course former president Barack Obama.  Maybe this is inaccurate but President Reagan never criticized President Bush when he left office.  President Bush never criticized President Clinton when he left office.  In fact he left him a note that was quite powerful and heartfelt.  President Clinton never criticized President Bush when he left office.  The two became friends and even helped each other with charities.  President Bush never criticized President Obama.  Some would say this article, Washington Times, proves that he did.  But he said government was the problem not one person.  Now while they were all campaigning, that is different.

However, now enter the most narcissistic president ever.  He criticized the Bush years.  He never took the blame for anything during his presidency.  And now he openly criticizes President Trump.  But we knew it was coming.  Even though President Trump is a loud-mouthed bully, and someone should shut his Twitter account down, it is still not the place for another former "dignitary" to try and topple them.

The only reason why he is doing it is because of his narcissism.  He feels that he never did anything wrong.  He only wanted the prestige.  If he wanted to change the country he would have stayed a Senator where he has no term limits.  If he wanted to make a change he would not have skipped on his last two years of being a Senator.  He saw the limelight and stepped out into it.  He wanted the fame and name.  If he didn't want this then he would shut up.  His time is over.  His legacy ruined many people.  He was a president for the minority, not the majority like presidents should be.  His policies, if they positively affected anyone, only helped the smallest number of people.  Cash for clunkers?  Turning over Bush's abortion policy (first thing he did in office even after saying in debate with McCain that it was above his pay grade, Debate).  Yes, Obamacare was only for the minority.  His executive orders.  Gay marriage (although this was not his idea, still only a few people).  My Brother's Keeper.  In other words, if you were white, male, straight, and Christian you had no chance in this presidency.  And for a president who said he was about equality, that would be hypocritical. Now, that is not to say that women, non-Christian, non-heterosexual practitioners, or non-white people are unimportant.  This is not to say that we shouldn't help those in minority groups of any kind.  What it is saying is that he only targeted groups that would vote for him or remember him in legacy form.  What it is saying is that he did not really believe in equality.  If we are "born this way", then white heterosexual males should not be penalized just because they have been in power for a long time.  Black lives matter?  YES!!!!  But all lives matter.  Women's rights?  Yes, but men should have parental rights too.  Freedom of speech and religion?  Yes, but Christians should be able to speak out without ridicule and defamation as well.

No, that president ruined most Americans.  His raising of the deficit to help a few we will be paying for decades to come, way more than all the other presidents we have had combined.  His raising of taxes, Obamatax, hurt the middle/working class, the same class that his mentor (Karl Marx) said we were supposed to help, i.e., the Proletariat.  These taxes were hidden.  For example, he changed the tax codes and made it look like a tax break but when the categories were re-evaluated and some were in different brackets, their taxes actually went up.  And on top of that his tax "breaks" were only $20 per paycheck.  That is enough for one meal at McDonald's per family each week.  President Bush gave $600 per adult, up front, one lump sum, enough for a down payment on a car.  His cash for clunkers raised used car prices so high that middle class families had to go further into debt buying new cars or settle for keeping their older unreliable cars for fear of going into debt.  Obamacare made most people pay more for their healthcare AND then forced us to pay for others.  That is not democracy.  His liberalism is not what the definition of classical liberalism, it is socialism, two terms that have consolidated from polar ends to become authoritarian, or as Bernie Sanders calls it Democratic Socialism.

Usually this site never gets personal, but his policies affected me, for 8 years and ruined my life. But because of that president's policies, me, the average American, lost $18,000 in those 8 years.  This stopped me from getting a safer and more secure car for my wife after her accident.  This stopped me from giving to more charities because my insurance went from $30 a paycheck to $90 a paycheck, thereby taking money I had reserved for groups like Food for the Hungry, local churches, and even family members.  This stopped me from adopting children because it takes a large down payment to get into the adoption system.  If I am the average American then how was that president for the people?

Do not say that that president progressed us.  Do not say that that president moved us forward.  He needs to go away.  He needs to shut up.  He should show SOME dignity like other former presidents.  Then again, maybe all presidents should shut up.

April 6, 2017

#18 Democratic filibuster is a cry for help

The latest battle in the broken American congressional system is the pick for Supreme Court justice.  It started of course last year when Antonin Scalia died and left a vacancy in the Court.  There needs to be nine justices to complete the court, although it has not always been that way.  It needs to be an odd number of justices in case there is a split decision there will never be a tie.  So why is this such a huge issue?  Both sides feel this will push the system towards their agenda.  But in all honesty, it won't change much.  Democrats especially think this will hurt them because of the abortion issue. Spoiler alert:  we have had a conservative Court before since 1973 and guess what...abortion is still legal.  It will remain legal because to get the law changed, there has to be a court decision that someone has to appeal to get to the Supreme Court.  It can't be made into an amendment because it takes 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of state legislatures to even consider the change.  That isn't going to happen.  Both sides know this.  So again, why is this justice selection such  an issue?  Pride.

When Obama chose a person after the death of Scalia, he didn't pick someone based on what was best for the country, he picked someone based on who would uphold his "legacy" the most.  He could have worked with the GOP to try and find someone but he didn't.  He chose someone as fast as possible (one month, three days) to get someone in there; Merrick Garland.  That is not how you choose someone.  The GOP of course being the majority did what they should have done; checked the power of the president. Although, Garland was not the most liberal pick Obama could have chosen but still liberal enough (Liberal?).  Now, the GOP could have perhaps at least put it to vote.  They had enough votes not to confirm him.  However, given Obama's past they could not have taken the chance because if they voted no on him then Obama would have some justification of placing him there by an executive order.

Fast forward, now that Obama administration is part of history (THANK GOD), all of his nominees and appointments matter less or have expired.  Trump now picks Neil Gorsuch, a moderate conservative, although some say he is not, (Conservative?).  Trump at least had months to think about this and chose someone who many, even Democrats, liked.  But why is there still an issue?  Pride. Because the GOP stopped Obama's choice, the Democrats are automatically not going to confirm him or at least filibuster the vote.  That is just cry for help.

They lost the election.  They lost American confidence in their party.  They blame everyone and everything for their problems.  It wouldn't matter who Trump picked, unless it was Sanders or Clinton, and even then they may not have voted for them either.  The Democrats are only doing this in spite of the President.  It has nothing to do with Gorsuch.  It is only for revenge.  And for that reason the GOP have every right to use the nuclear option.  The same procedure that Harry Reid used when he didn't get his way, Nuclear option, in 2013.  But what will you hear the Democrats say? "That this is no way to handle the situation".  Well, you should have followed your own advice.  That is almost how you got Obamacare passed and that is how you ran things for years.  Justice is served.

Note: Trump as a person is not supported on this blog but political cry babies are less tolerated.

December 3, 2016

#17 The End of the Democrat Party

The first run of this blog started in 2008 was an attempt to get the population to understand what the future held if Obama became president. It didn't work. We failed twice of doing the right thing. The country is going in the wrong direction and it was predicted here. Most of the old posts were deleted. This blog started over again in 2014 because the anger got too much to hold onto inside after 6 years of total stupidity. Below was a prediction this blog made in 2008 after the election that year. It was called the end of the Republican Party.
"The Republican Party has seen the end of its existence as we know it. The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt (the good one), and Reagan is vanishing from the face of the earth. What happened to it? It lost its principles and its fire power. Too many GOP candidates are allowing the media to beat them up. They are allowing Hollywood to take over their campaign. They have given up on traditional conservative values thereby alienating the Christian base it once held close. It had been said that the Christian Right-wing conspirators put George W Bush into office. Pew Research Center says that 78% of "evangelical" White Christians voted for Bush in 2004. While 13% of Black Christians also voted for Bush. Adding these together the Christian vote may have been strong enough to carry Bush into a second term. The numbers for this election are not final but some sources say the number of white Christians dropped to around 70% while Black Christians dropped even more significantly. Race is not the issue but this is how media separated things for us. Undoubtedly, the only reasons why most Christians even stayed with the GOP was due to Sarah Palin. But in the end many saw her as not ready. The GOP also lost many due to Sen. McCain's maverick position. Many felt he would not stick to conservative values when needed. Then there are some who felt President Bush lost touch with the American people and if McCain was going to take his place it might end up the same. And then the last group voted for Obama as a protest against all of President Bush's policies. All of these added to the defeat of Senator McCain. But the bigger picture is the GOP might go down with him. The Constitution and Libertarian Parties may see huge rises in their support. The only way the GOP can gain momentum is by consolidating with other conservatives and/or by courting the so-called religious right or by completely changing its core values.  But it is the opinion that we have seen the death of the GOP."

After that election the GOP basically started to divide.  We saw the rise of the Tea Party faction, the strength of the Libertarian sect, and the pathetic attempt of the "establishment" to look more relevant. Due to these events mentioned and the last eight years that post proved to be true.  So, now that we have gone through 8 more years of disaster we can basically assume this is the end of the Democratic Party as we know.  The Democrats will be making changes.  They will be going extreme.  They will look for their base to swing hard left.  Some of this as a response to Trump, some because the Democrats have lost touch with the average person.  Either way the Democrats will never be the same.  They have lost the ideas of Roosevelt and Kennedy.  They will praise Obama for the next four years but will move even father away from him.  Voices like Sanders will be screamed.  Hillary will look like a moderate.  And maybe even nut cases like Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean will gain popularity again, if they can lie to the youth and gain their support.