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This site has been relaunched. It had deviated from its purpose. It will now only focus on concepts, not individual people, although certain concepts will use people only as examples not in judgement. Many of the old posts will be rewritten but in different light. All opinions will be respected. This site is not meant for any debate but leave comments if you desire. If you are looking for a specific topic look to the right, scroll down, and click on label that is closest to your research.

US Presidents Political Views

For now; 21 presidents.  Perhaps the most famous or most influential.  The rest is yet to come.

Quadrant I (top right):
  • High government influence either by choice or necessity, based on religious affiliations, moral standards, considered more conservative.  Believers in a more free market system.  Yellow area though borders monarchist ideas.
Quadrant II (top left)
  • Less government influence.  Believes in a free market and societal attitudes, considered individualist and libertarian.  Gray area though borders chaos.
Quadrant III (bottom left)
  • Less government influence when it comes to regulation of society but control over montary systems.  Considered to be highly liberal but also believers in more of a command economy.  Gray are borders radicalism.
Quadrant IV (bottom right)
  • High government influence either by choice or necessity based on societal needs.  Believes government intervention is needed for humanitarian reasons.  Considered to be socialist and believers in a command economy.  Yellow area borders communist dictatorships.

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