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April 6, 2017

#18 Democratic filibuster is a cry for help

The latest battle in the broken American congressional system is the pick for Supreme Court justice.  It started of course last year when Antonin Scalia died and left a vacancy in the Court.  There needs to be nine justices to complete the court, although it has not always been that way.  It needs to be an odd number of justices in case there is a split decision there will never be a tie.  So why is this such a huge issue?  Both sides feel this will push the system towards their agenda.  But in all honesty, it won't change much.  Democrats especially think this will hurt them because of the abortion issue. Spoiler alert:  we have had a conservative Court before since 1973 and guess what...abortion is still legal.  It will remain legal because to get the law changed, there has to be a court decision that someone has to appeal to get to the Supreme Court.  It can't be made into an amendment because it takes 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of state legislatures to even consider the change.  That isn't going to happen.  Both sides know this.  So again, why is this justice selection such  an issue?  Pride.

When Obama chose a person after the death of Scalia, he didn't pick someone based on what was best for the country, he picked someone based on who would uphold his "legacy" the most.  He could have worked with the GOP to try and find someone but he didn't.  He chose someone as fast as possible (one month, three days) to get someone in there; Merrick Garland.  That is not how you choose someone.  The GOP of course being the majority did what they should have done; checked the power of the president. Although, Garland was not the most liberal pick Obama could have chosen but still liberal enough (Liberal?).  Now, the GOP could have perhaps at least put it to vote.  They had enough votes not to confirm him.  However, given Obama's past they could not have taken the chance because if they voted no on him then Obama would have some justification of placing him there by an executive order.

Fast forward, now that Obama administration is part of history (THANK GOD), all of his nominees and appointments matter less or have expired.  Trump now picks Neil Gorsuch, a moderate conservative, although some say he is not, (Conservative?).  Trump at least had months to think about this and chose someone who many, even Democrats, liked.  But why is there still an issue?  Pride. Because the GOP stopped Obama's choice, the Democrats are automatically not going to confirm him or at least filibuster the vote.  That is just cry for help.

They lost the election.  They lost American confidence in their party.  They blame everyone and everything for their problems.  It wouldn't matter who Trump picked, unless it was Sanders or Clinton, and even then they may not have voted for them either.  The Democrats are only doing this in spite of the President.  It has nothing to do with Gorsuch.  It is only for revenge.  And for that reason the GOP have every right to use the nuclear option.  The same procedure that Harry Reid used when he didn't get his way, Nuclear option, in 2013.  But what will you hear the Democrats say? "That this is no way to handle the situation".  Well, you should have followed your own advice.  That is almost how you got Obamacare passed and that is how you ran things for years.  Justice is served.

Note: Trump as a person is not supported on this blog but political cry babies are less tolerated.

1 comment:

No Doubt said...

Hey Tim, Wasn't Scalia Murdered? ;-)

I agree, whole-heartedly. The Democrats are being contrary because they are still licking their wounds, from the election. It's a Pride thing for both sides, with the Democratic Chearleaders, the Media, just egging it on.

On the other hand, could this bickering, just a way to divert the public's attention away from what's really happening? The inevitable bursting of the gigantic bubble, that will drive the US and the World, into the hands of a One World Leader, spoken of by Prophets.