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December 3, 2016

#17 The End of the Democrat Party

The first run of this blog started in 2008 was an attempt to get the population to understand what the future held if Obama became president. It didn't work. We failed twice of doing the right thing. The country is going in the wrong direction and it was predicted here. Most of the old posts were deleted. This blog started over again in 2014 because the anger got too much to hold onto inside after 6 years of total stupidity. Below was a prediction this blog made in 2008 after the election that year. It was called the end of the Republican Party.
"The Republican Party has seen the end of its existence as we know it. The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt (the good one), and Reagan is vanishing from the face of the earth. What happened to it? It lost its principles and its fire power. Too many GOP candidates are allowing the media to beat them up. They are allowing Hollywood to take over their campaign. They have given up on traditional conservative values thereby alienating the Christian base it once held close. It had been said that the Christian Right-wing conspirators put George W Bush into office. Pew Research Center says that 78% of "evangelical" White Christians voted for Bush in 2004. While 13% of Black Christians also voted for Bush. Adding these together the Christian vote may have been strong enough to carry Bush into a second term. The numbers for this election are not final but some sources say the number of white Christians dropped to around 70% while Black Christians dropped even more significantly. Race is not the issue but this is how media separated things for us. Undoubtedly, the only reasons why most Christians even stayed with the GOP was due to Sarah Palin. But in the end many saw her as not ready. The GOP also lost many due to Sen. McCain's maverick position. Many felt he would not stick to conservative values when needed. Then there are some who felt President Bush lost touch with the American people and if McCain was going to take his place it might end up the same. And then the last group voted for Obama as a protest against all of President Bush's policies. All of these added to the defeat of Senator McCain. But the bigger picture is the GOP might go down with him. The Constitution and Libertarian Parties may see huge rises in their support. The only way the GOP can gain momentum is by consolidating with other conservatives and/or by courting the so-called religious right or by completely changing its core values.  But it is the opinion that we have seen the death of the GOP."

After that election the GOP basically started to divide.  We saw the rise of the Tea Party faction, the strength of the Libertarian sect, and the pathetic attempt of the "establishment" to look more relevant. Due to these events mentioned and the last eight years that post proved to be true.  So, now that we have gone through 8 more years of disaster we can basically assume this is the end of the Democratic Party as we know.  The Democrats will be making changes.  They will be going extreme.  They will look for their base to swing hard left.  Some of this as a response to Trump, some because the Democrats have lost touch with the average person.  Either way the Democrats will never be the same.  They have lost the ideas of Roosevelt and Kennedy.  They will praise Obama for the next four years but will move even father away from him.  Voices like Sanders will be screamed.  Hillary will look like a moderate.  And maybe even nut cases like Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean will gain popularity again, if they can lie to the youth and gain their support.

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