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This site has been relaunched. It had deviated from its purpose. It will now only focus on concepts, not individual people, although certain concepts will use people only as examples not in judgement. Many of the old posts will be rewritten but in different light. All opinions will be respected. This site is not meant for any debate but leave comments if you desire. If you are looking for a specific topic look to the right, scroll down, and click on label that is closest to your research.

Political Views

Below is a scale of how much control you feel the government should have.  There is no right-wing or left-wing since both believe in some government control.  For the most, this is not about conservative or liberal but about governmental control. So do not think one is “positive” while the other is “negative”.  Feel free to print them off to answer.  My answers are in yellow.

Use the scale for all the categories. For every Yes add one point. For every No subtract one. If you can answer yes or no then do not do the follow up questions.  Only if your answer is Depends then you answer follow up question for half/ negative half points. Do not do both sets of questions.   If both sets are "depends" then score it a 0.

Yes (+)  No (-)

PART  1. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution talks about personal freedoms and basic rights of all men in the generic sense. The first right is freedom of speech. However, with this right some may abuse the rights of other people. Freedom of speech includes art and literature which expresses personal ideas, educates, and allows for individuality. But sometimes people create items or write books that are offensive to the majority of the public, such as using profanity, sexually explicit, sacrilegious, and/or violent material. The next freedom is religion. With this freedom people are allowed to express their personal beliefs in the form of worship. However, with this freedom some have tried to force their ethics onto others who do not hold on to the same moral system. The 1st Amendment also gives freedom to the media in order for the people to know about their surroundings. But some media offers biased information and will only tell one side of the story or things we call tabloids print things that really aren’t the truth. If people control the media then the government can not stop all the truth from getting out. Petitioning the government and assembling by the people are also protected by the 1st Amendment.

A. Should the government be able to censor TV, the Internet, or books instead of letting individuals make their own viewing or listening choices?    +1   -1
                   Should there at least be some warning labels on such items? +0.5   -0.5

B. Should the government ban expressions of faith in public places? +1   -1
                   Do you belong to organized religion? +0.5   -0.5

C. Should the government be allowed to control the media to stop certain information such as national security issues and/or false information? +1   -1
                  Should there be some restrictions on what the media can actually broadcast? +0.5   -0.5

D. Should the government be able to stop certain events, meetings, ceremonies, or political organizations from forming? +1   -1
                 Should they at least have to register their groups to be recognized? +0.5   -0.5

E. Should the government be able to make certain laws without input from the people if they deem necessary? +1   -1
                 Should the government have emergency powers such as martial law in times of chaos? +0.5   -0.5

Totals PART 1  ____2.0______

PART 2. The 2nd and 3rd Amendments to the Constitution give freedoms for people to live in privacy and protection. Bearing arms and keeping your home from military control is to be specific. But some people think the government is trying to take away the right to own a gun while others think that guns are a major problem on the streets.

F. Should the government create laws about protecting the ownership of guns? +1   -1
                  Should militias be allowed? +0.5   -0.5    0

G. Should the government be able to take land for emergency purposes? +1   -1
                 Should we be allowed to drill for oil anywhere within our borders? +0.5   -0.5

Totals PART 2 ____0.5_________

PART 3. The 4th through 8th Amendments to the Constitution give rights to the accused. Double jeopardy, excessive bail, speedy trials, search and seizure, and jury of peers are rights mentioned in these.

H. Should the accused give up rights and freedoms of a citizen (jury, bail) since they may have committed a crime?  +1    -1
                 Should plea bargains be limited in cases of murder? +0.5   -0.5

I. Should the government still be able to convict even if the “Miranda Rights” are not properly followed? (double-jeopardy)   +1   -1
                 Should there be a death penalty?  +0.5   -0.5

J. Should the government be able to search people/property if it plays part of the justice system? +1   -1
                 Is it okay to racial profile? +0.5   -0.5

K. Should the government be able to limit the freedom that suspects can have access to? (wire tapping, mail confiscation) +1   -1
                 Is the Patriot Act a positive action? +0.5   -0.5

Totals PART 3 _____3.0________ 

PART 4. The 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution say that people have the right to live life as they see fit, especially when there is no law that applies. The power rests in the people and the states when no federal law is mentioned. Some people say laws establishing institutional norms that are based on national cultural traditions to make people fit into the culture are good because it allows for unity. Still others say that people should be allowed to be individuals. The American way of life used to be about achieving the American dream; having a house, two cars, two kids, and a dog and succeeding by merit. But times have changed. The individual may not want this dream.

L. Should the government be allowed to enforce a law that challenges personal choices based on economic issues? +1   -1
                  Should parents have the choice of sending their child to any school they want? +0.5   -0.5
M.  Should the government be allowed to force people to change life styles based on social issues? +1   -1
                  Should abortion have limitations? +0.5   -0.5

N.  Should the government be allowed to create laws establishing “norms” based on cultural traditions? +1   -1
                  Should marriage be defined as man and woman? +0.5   -0.5

O. Should the majority rule even though the minority would have no chance to be “equal” or be heard completely? +1   -1
                  Should things like quotas be limited? +0.5   -0.5

P.  Should substances such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco be controlled by the government? +1   -1
                  Should there be smoking bans and age requirements for substances?  +0.5   -0.5

Q.  Should the government control immigration and establish the definition of citizenship? +1   -1
                  Should immigrants get same rights as citizens such as education, legal aid, and medical care? +0.5   -0.5

Totals PART 4  ____4.5_________

PART  5. Articles 1 through 7 of the Constitution outline what the government can and can not do, such as how old you have to be to run for office, how long you can serve, and specific duties that need to be performed while serving.

R.  Should the government be allowed to make its own limitations? +1   -1 
                  Should more power rest in the executive branch than legislative branch? +0.5   -0.5

S.  Should the national government be allowed to have more control over the nation’s laws? +1   -1
                  Should government provide for stability and traditional values? +0.5   -0.5

T.  Should the military/national guard be used as a police force? +1   -1
                  Should the president be able to declare war? +0.5   -0.5

Totals PART 5  ______ -0.5_____________

TOTAL All parts ____9.5___________

Score meanings:
-20 to -15 Anarchist
-14.5 to -7  Individualist (Liberal)
-6.5  to  6.5  Centrist
7 to 14.5  Federalist (Conservative)
15 to 20  Totalitarian

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