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July 8, 2014

#3 Liberalism stresses rationalization.

Rational: able to think and reason clearly.
Rationalize: to make rational.

At first these two words seem to be saying the same thing.  However, if you really look into it then you can see that they are not.  To be rational, one would have to be able to think for themselves and be able to have reasoning skills.  In other words, they can comprehend the basic laws of the universe since they would be common sense.  To rationalize does not mean to use these thinking and reasoning skills in real life. Notice the definition says to make rational, which means you have to try to turn something into being rational.  It is something people twist into what they think is real thereby stupefying themselves as they do it because they start to really believe in the lie they have created.  At this point morality takes a back seat or is even thrown out the window.

Follow the link below. Not only is it one of the funniest routines from the funniest of all comedy teams but it will explain this whole line of thinking processes. Abbott and Costello

Those who believe in liberalism can not be rational because all they do is rationalize.  They think war is unneeded yet they think at the same time murdering an innocent baby is valid.  Look at these two issues and watch how liberalism uses the process of rationalization to destroy the true argument and the morality.  Here is an example their line of thought and how they come up with their final view on these two issues:
  1. Violent actions should be diffused by diplomacy.  This is a rational thought because diplomacy should always be the first reaction to everything.  But it does not answer all the problems that pose society and history shows that.  Some people can not be dealt with when it comes to certain situations.
  2. War is a form of violence.  This is a rational thought, however, war in order to gain independence from a tyrant could be justified.  The thought process is starting to break down.
  3. Violence is never the answer.  This is a semi-rational thought.  In a perfect world it would be a perfect answer.  However, when someone has broken into your home and is threatening your whole family and the only way to save them is by taking out the one who is holding them hostage, then violence has become an answer.
  4. Therefore war should never be used.  And the final thought through liberalism has become rationalization.  Making something rational by a flawed process, hence, liberalism.  It is common sense, or dare say rational, to say that a dictator who is killing thousands of people, perhaps even millions, needs to be disposed of before it gets worse (remember Hitler and appeasement?). This goes with terrorists as well. How many more have to die before they control the world in fear?
Here is a second example.  Watch how the process breaks down but it still seems like good rationale:
  1. Women have rights.  Rational.
  2. Women have bodies.  Rational.
  3. Women get pregnant.  Rational, but not all of them.
  4. Women have financial problems.  Rational, but not all of them.
  5. Women can't live with financial problems and add more problems by having a baby.  Partially rational and the rest is bogus.  People can get by no matter what problem they are facing.
  6. Babies can't live on their own therefore they aren't babies yet they are fetuses.  And the process breaks down again.  Not even babies on the outside of the womb can survive by themselves.
  7. Therefore women have the right to abort fetuses who may cause more financial problems when they are babies.  The rational has become rationalized again.  A baby is a human life form no matter what stage it is in.  Even if it is considered a fetus, it is still human.  It has a heart, stomach, cells, senses, emotions and other human features at a very early stage.
The last one was not a shot towards women, or even women who have had abortions.  It was a shot towards the thinking process that got them to that point.

The same goes with the health care issue.  Liberals can not understand why conservatives want to "take away the chance for someone to have health care".  Conservatives must be Nazis; they must hate the poor and women.  Liberalism uses the rationalization process to decide that conservatives are bad people who only want to hurt others and are greedy because they do not want to give up some of their wealth to those who are less fortunate.  This is not the case.  No one wants to deny anyone health care.  They just don't believe in forcing people to pay for others without their consent.  Fact:  Conservatives give to charities and they give more than those on the side of liberalism.  It should be a choice.  Forcing people into doing something is dictatorship.  Conservatives also just want to deny creating special rights to fit other people's choices and ways of life.  No one should have to pay for abortion when they do not believe in it.  No one should have to help pay for stomach staples, face lifts, nicotine gum, contraceptives, penicillin shots for certain diseases, or anything as stupid as these sound.  The health care bill has already opened the door for that to happen.  The argument that liberalism has claims people will die without this health care.  Fact:  no one is turned down from a hospital due to having no insurance.  It is against the law to do that.  No immediate life-threatening situation would go untreated due to no health care.

Liberalism- the Costello ideology; it multiplies 13 times 7 and gets 28.  And worse yet, it makes sense to those who practice liberalism.

Remember if you break the word rationalize into two separate words you get: Rational Lies. (lies that are clear).

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