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July 3, 2014

#2 Why liberalism is not the answer.

Why doesn't Liberalism work?  If all practiced the idea of liberalism it would die off.  It can't survive without Conservatism. There would be nothing for them to argue with or try and ruin for the rest of the majority.  Liberalism creates an atmosphere that causes dissension and contradictions.

  • Liberalism states it wants freedom of speech yet when someone who disagrees with it speaks up on how they feel they are called racists, bigots, homophobes, hate-mongers, or go as far as having the ACLU sent after them.
  • Liberalism states there should be more voting rights but even the Democratic National Convention has things called Super Delegates who possibly can overrule the will of the rest of their voters in the primaries.
  • Liberalism states human rights violators around the world should be dealt with but when America deals with the violators, especially with military action, then we become the violators.
  • Liberalism states the sanctity of human life is important and all should be free to make up their own minds yet it allows for the murder of innocent babies who can't speak for themselves.
  • Liberalism states individual rights are natural but it stands for government programs that are man-made.
  • Liberalism states the Constitution should be defended yet the ideas of liberalism allows interpretations into what it means instead of reading exactly what it says.
  • Liberalism states there should be pursuit of happiness yet want to set up government programs that force people into using welfare and not allow them to have a choice in a medical facility/insurance/health care company of their own choice; and then force other Americans who do not agree with this into paying higher taxes for these programs.
  • Liberalism states family values should be strong but the definition of family is so vague in liberalism that anything could be considered "family value".
There is no set of common morals to go by under liberalism.  Without any set of common morals there would be less order almost to the point of anarchy.  Without any set of common morals there are no consequences. Liberalism kills people in all kinds of ways.  It kills them openly.  It kills them silently.  It kills them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually but liberalism hides it.  And to the defense of those who practice liberalism, they believe they are doing the right thing.  The essence of liberalism is based on human flaws and its reasoning is based on human rationalization; human ignorance at its worse.  It takes away everything traditional.  It may take away all the mores and folk lore that hinder progress but it also takes away the values and morals that keep people going and that has kept people going since the creation of man.  With these traditions and morals diminished it sets up vulnerability to inside destruction such as what happened with Rome and other famous societies.  Americans lose their identity this way.  Yes, we are a melting pot, if you will, but the melting pot melted common goals and beliefs into one.  Liberalism allows the melting pot to become more of a salad bowl.

People wonder today why they hurt.  People wonder what is wrong with society and other people.  It's because they have been fed with the lie of liberalism for way too long.  When they actually hear the truth they are afraid of it.  It makes them so scared they get sick about it.  Fear makes us say things and do things that are not logical. And because of this fear any ounce of conservatism seems wrong to them, especially the logic of the Judeo-Christian value system.

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