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This site has been relaunched. It had deviated from its purpose. It will now only focus on concepts, not individual people, although certain concepts will use people only as examples not in judgement. Many of the old posts will be rewritten but in different light. All opinions will be respected. This site is not meant for any debate but leave comments if you desire. If you are looking for a specific topic look to the right, scroll down, and click on label that is closest to your research.

Economic Views

This one is different than the political view page.  Notice the different way of scoring.  Below is a scale of how much control you feel the government should have. There is no right-wing or left-wing since both believe in some government control. For the most, this is not about conservative or liberal but about governmental control over economics. So do not think one is “positive” while the other is “negative”. Feel free to print them off to answer. My answers are in yellow. Use the scale for all the categories. . For every NO add one point.  For everyYES subtract one . If you can answer yes or no then do not do the follow up questions. Only if your answer is Depends then you answer follow up question for half/ negative half points. Do not do both sets of questions. If both sets are "depends" then score it a 0.

No (+)  Yes (-)

PART 1. The 16th Amendment to the Constitution says that the government has the right to collect income taxes. Section 8 of Article 1 says what Congress can do with the money it collects. It also states the government can regulate the amount and flow of currency.

A. Should the government be able to create new taxes at any time? +1 -1
               If they can, should it be unlimited in the amount to get things done? +0.5 -0.5

B. Should the government be able to control how much money is available? +1 -1
              Should the Department of Treasury control prices? +0.5 -0.5

C. Should the government be able to collect income taxes? +1 -1
              Should the tax be progressive? +0.5 -0.5

Totals PART 1 ______ 1.5_________

PART 2. Businesses can be privately owned or publicly owned. Most are owned by ordinary people either individually or corporate style. Some businesses may have products that are harmful to others. But some think the benefit may outweigh the harm.

D. Should the government be able to tell the privately owned business how to run it? +1 -1
              Should the government set a minimum wage and force companies into insurance policies?
              +0.5 -0.5

E. Should the government be able to stop any product from being sold? +1 -1
              Should all products have to have warning labels on them regulated by the government? +0.5               -0.5

F. Should the government tell owners who they can hire and who they can’t? +1 -1
              Should there be quotas for workers? +0.5 -0.5

G. Should the government be allowed to stop businesses from expanding as large as they want? +1 -1
              Should the government be allowed to break up monopolies? +0.5 -0.5

H. Should government be able to take over businesses that are not profitable or productive? +1 -1
              Should the government be allowed to bail out businesses? +0.5 -0.5

Totals PART 2 ____1.0_________

PART 3. To make a product you have to have the right resources. Some resources are in lands that are filled with wildlife and other environmental necessities, such as oil in the Gulf of Mexico and natural spring water and lumber in forests.

I. Should the government set regulations and limit what resources are allowed to be explored and/or dug for? +1 -1
           Should the government be allowed to set aside certain land for either development
           or conservation? +0.5 -0.5

J. Should the government be able to control the amount of a resource that can be sold? +1 -1
              Should the government subsidize certain products? +0.5 -0.5

K. Should the government be able to collect resources from businesses in times of economic troubles? +1 -1
              Should the government have public store houses? +0.5 -0.5

Totals PART 3 _______0.5__________

PART 4. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution has what is referred to as the commerce clause. The clause states that the United States Congress shall have power "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes". This means that all trade is regulated by the federal government.

L. Should the government be able to make the rules about trading with other countries? +1 -1
            Should the government be able to stop businesses from directly trading with other countries?
            +0.5 -0.5

M. Should the government be able to set tariffs to regulate foreign prices? +1 -1
            Should there a stop to free-trade agreements like NAFTA? +0.5 -0.5 0

Totals PART 4 ________ 0_________

PART 5 Some people cannot afford homes or to start their own business unless they can get a loan from bank.

N. Should the government be able to control the amount of loans given by banks? +1 -1
               Should there be a national bank? +0.5 -0.5

O. Should the government be able to force banks into interest rates? +1 -1
              Should there be programs like first buyer’s rates? +0.5 -0.5

Totals PART 5 _____0.5______

PART 6. Streets, utilities and other parts of the infrastructure needed constant maintenance. Most utilities are run by private corporations. Public pavement is controlled by government.

P. Should the government be in control and tell the communities what projects for improvement are needed? +1 -1
              Should there be government projects like Economic Recovery Act? +0.5 -0.5

Q. Should the government be in control over utilities? +1 -1
             Should the government be allowed to collect taxes to keep utilities running? +0.5 -0.5 0

Totals PART 6 _____2___________

PART 7. In 1935 Roosevelt passed the “New Deal” program. The law was passed during the Great Depression to help workers who have had a hard time finding work and paying bills. Social Security Insurance was created as a way for those who are older to get money when they needed after they have retired. Welfare was created for those who can not get a job to still get food and necessities. These programs are paid by the worker. The health care system of today’s time is similar to Roosevelt’s program.

R. Should the government be able to take workers’ pay and give to those less fortunate? +1 -1
              Should there be permanent programs like Welfare and Medicaid? +0.5 -0.5

S. Should the government be able to force people to set aside a retirement fund? +1 -1
              Should the government force social security on people? +0.5 -0.5

T. Should the government be able to create jobs by using taxes paid by workers? +1 -1
              Should the government be allowed to create government jobs for those who are
              unemployed? +0.5 -0.5

Totals PART 7 ______1.0_________

TOTAL All Parts ______6.5_________

-20 to -15 Stalinist Communist
-14.5 to -7 Marxist Socialist
-6.5 to 6.5 American Market
7 to 14.5 Keynesian Capitalist
15 to 20 Smithonian Laissez-Fairist