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This site has been relaunched. It had deviated from its purpose. It will now only focus on concepts, not individual people, although certain concepts will use people only as examples not in judgement. Many of the old posts will be rewritten but in different light. All opinions will be respected. This site is not meant for any debate but leave comments if you desire. If you are looking for a specific topic look to the right, scroll down, and click on label that is closest to your research.

July 2, 2014

#1 What is a true conservative?

A typical conservative will believe in most of the following in no particular order:

  1. Establishing a system of morality- setting up an agreed upon system of values, mores, folk lores, and morals.  Without trying to infringe upon other people's beliefs the system is closely tied to Judeo-Christian Biblical values.
  2. Sanctity of life- stopping the act of abortion.  Knowing that some circumstances may cause moral dilemmas, the bottom line is trying to protect the innocent that do not have a voice for themselves.
  3. Preserving the Constitution and the Declaration- the original ideas, not the interpretation of it. Understanding that the Founding Fathers were not perfect and were ill guided due to their economic practices, the original ideas they had set up are by far the greatest in history as a country.
  4. Strong military- maintaining a presence in the world.  Keeping the status quo with the power of persuasion and the idea of total protection for all its citizens from outside threats is to be seen by all.
  5. Nuclear family values- building the strongest of families.  Wanting to keep traditional roles of the family, with the authority in the hands of the parents; one man, one woman, and only one of each as the greatest structure of a community.
  6. Market System- opportunities.  Creating an atmosphere for innovation, invention, and progress without purposefully hurting others in the process.
  7. Low taxes- it's your money.  Collecting only enough money from its citizens to keep a honest form of government running efficiently.
  8. Preserving American way of life- Preserving the traditions, symbols, culture, and history of the ideas of Americans; not to conform to the rest of the world or be told by the rest of the world what to do; i.e., patriotism.
  9. Death penalty- for punishment and deterrent.  Protecting and establish justice for the victim over the guilty.
  10. Small government- no Big Brother.  All of the above wraps up into this idea.  With as little interference as possible from the federal government the people should be able to pursuit their happiness without interfering with the values and happiness of others.
These 10 ideas of conservatism are what this site will focus on.  If and when there is a subject that infringes upon these 10 ideas or effects these 10 ideas then perhaps a "paper" will be written.  Until then please refer to Discover your political view and Discover your economic view to start your journey.

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