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January 20, 2016

#12 The history of Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama:
Who is this man?  Why did we vote for him twice?  Why was re-elected?  Look at his history and you decide.
In his 20's.
  • He graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, with honors.  He served as president of Harvard Law Review.  He studied to be a lawyer.  That is the first warning sign.  He studied to learn how to twist words so that no one can understand.  But don't call him articulate because you would be a racist.
  • He worked as a "community organizer" for three years.  No one to this day can understand what that job entailed or why it was important.
In his 30's
  • He worked as a part-time lawyer and law school lecturer.  The question is why couldn't he be a full time lawyer?  What exactly is a "lecturer"?  Apparently he wasn't good enough to become a full-time lawyer, nor a "professor".
  • Ahh, but maybe he didn't have time since he started to write his autobiographies already.  Wow, to be this young, non-vital to any system yet be so important that he would write his own story.
  • He married Michelle and had two girls.  No one ever said he was a bad husband or father.  So it will never be said here either.
  • After no major lawyer firm would hire him, he ran for Illinois State Senate and served for 7 years.  He had no leadership role after 7 years.  He wrote no legislation.  He voted "present" over 100 times instead of making any decisions.  Probably because he started to hang out with American terrorists like William Ayers.  He started going to a church that taught hatred from Rev. Wright.
In his 40's
  • He ran for US Senate from Illinois and beat Alan Keyes in 2004.  He served four years, only 2/3 of what people elected him for.  No leadership role.  No legislation that amounted to anything.  But oh my, he gave a very articulate very well typed speech at the DNC making a name for himself and planting the seed to move on to his next useless endeavor.  He started his presidential run only 304 days after his start in the Senate.
  • He stated that adding trillions to the debt was unpatriotic and irresponsible.  Meanwhile not putting his hand over his heart while others said the pledge.
  • His wife added that for the first time in history she was proud of her country.
  • He promised to cut the deficit, he promised lower unemployment rates, he promised to bring the troops home from day one.    He promised to work with other political parties.  He promised the most transparent administration in history. He said he would sit down personally with rogue leaders.  He said he would shut down Guantanamo Bay and bring prisoners here on our soil.  It is said he made 500 promises but has kept 120 of them.  The problem lies with the ones he kept.  Obama's promises
  • He said the Mid-West people cling to guns and religion. He said abortion was above his pay grade.
  • He became president in 2009.
  • He picked Joe Biden to the VP, twice.
  • He won the Nobel Peace Prize for a speech.  No actions, just a speech.
In his 50's
  • He passed an $800 billion stimulus (while in his 40's) that has proven to be a failure (in his 50's).  For the record, the Conservative Papers was a proponent of a bailout but not how the contract was created--no accountability for those who received it.  He promised the unemployment rate would drop to below 6% after four years.  Not once, has it come close.  For 45 straight months unemployment has been over 8% with one dip to 7.8%.  And these numbers only reflect those who are still actually looking for a job.
  • He has added $5 trillion in new debt in less than four years, fastest growing debt of any president in history.  Not just largest in history but growing faster as well.  So much so that we have to borrow even more.
  • He has bowed to at least three foreign leaders but didn't sit down with them.
  • He denied the surge for our troops then recanted.
  • He censored news media that did not show him in a positive way. (FOX News)
  • He ended the war in Iraq almost 2 years after he said he would.
  • He went to Turkey and never mentioned the genocide.
  • He felt like he had to apologize for America being affluent and resourceful.
  • He shut the GOP out of stimulus meetings.  Meanwhile pushing for the investment in failed technology like Solyndra. 
  • He pushed through Congress an illegal vote on Obamacare by allowing extra time for none other than Ohio's Sherrod Brown to come back and vote after the allotted time expired that would have killed the bill in debate.  It was passed 60-40.  Sixty votes were needed on this type of bill.
  • He has allowed the highest number of food stamps, the highest number of people on welfare and blames people who earned their money for poverty.
  • His platform kicks God out and gets booed for helping our greatest Middle-eastern ally.
  • He has covered up the tragedy n Benghazi by lying about emails from the White House.
  • He gave the order to kill bin Laden.  Good.
His answers to all of this:
Any positive results---It is unprecedented.
Any negative results---It's Bush's fault.

The man became president with very little private sector experience.  So what made us think he could run a country?  He passed no legislation in his 11 years as a senator.  So what made us think he could pass legal laws as president?  His promises of hope and change had to be changed because we lost hope.  So what makes us think he will carry us "forward"?

Even though at mid-term election time the country made the largest (unprecedented) switch in history back to the GOP in Congress (63 DEM voted out), the nation will be stupid enough to vote for him again.

Note:  Most of the factual information used here in this Paper is from a publication called Decision 2012 that used reuters.com, businessweek.com, whitehouse.gov, treasurydirect.gov, and NBC News broadcasting as resource.  There are of course opinions that lay down evidence of why this President is a failure.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You were right this is powerful. Thanks Tim.

hawkssong68 said...

What makes you think Romney will be better? I've said it from day one: They are all the same.

There is your period.

Gozreht said...

For the same reason why people thought Obama would be better...Change. It is also a message to those in office. Change or be changed. I am literally going into the polls and if I see the person as the incumbent, I will vote for someone else. Yes, including Boehner before you ask. I will have to write someone in since he is going in unopposed but it will still count.

hawkssong68 said...



Didn't believe it then. Don't believe it now. I wanna see what's behind door number 3.

Robamney is all yours...

For your readers: IF the libertarian party gets at least 5% of the presidential vote, they will be afforded the same funds to campaign, be added to ALL ballots AND be invited to debate in the next election<<--yes, I'm already looking ahead because regardless of who wins this one, there's a good chance that what's left of America will be flushed down the toilet within the next four years.

You DON'T have to settle for the "lesser of two evils". That's how we got here...

Gozreht said...

True. The federal election rules need to be changed and allow the top four or five into the debates as well. But you do know this Libertarian candidate is a republican? So if you vote for Johnson you might as well vote for Romney who is more left than Johnson. And a 5% of this election would throw it completely to Obama. But hey of you are liberal and don't want Obama, there is always Jill Stein.

hawkssong68 said...

He is a former Republican, as am I. Right now, he could be Satan incarnate for all I care. He doesn't have a prayer and he knows that. WE JUST WANT ANOTHER CHOICE.

You said yourself, you don't care for Romney. So why vote for him? Lesser of two evils. No. That's not good enough anymore. That's how we got here. That's how we got here. That's how we got here. That's how we got here.


Do you know how many people are confused when they find out I am anti-Obama? "He's for gay people" No, he's not. He just wants us to vote for him. I am not a one trick pony and I refuse to vote for "one issue".

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this year, "I don't like either choice, but..." But what? Why do we keep doing this? Why do we keep accepting this substandard process? Are we REALLY that lazy? Have the anti-depressants, the aspartame, and the fluoridation of our water ACTUALLY turned us into the zombies they desire? Have our minds been mashed beyond repair by sitcoms, reality TV and FOX News? Are we really that stupid? Are we really that lost? Do we not have ONE OUNCE of pride left in our fiber to stand up and say "NO!"?

I do.

And, mathematically, a vote for a third party doesn't give someone else a vote. That's ridiculous. It doesn't "take away" a vote either. With that logic, voting for the loser is a waste of a vote, too.

I am not wasting my vote. I am speaking my mind and voting my conscience. As an American, that should be applauded, not ridiculed. THAT'S how we got this far.

OT-Amazed even further that Christians are embracing Mormonism, when prior to Romney's candidacy, most Christians considered it a "cult".

Gozreht said...

Well I wouldn't go as far as satan but I get your point.

I didn't vote for him during the primaries. And the nmain reason why I am voting for him this time around is because I can't trust 55 million others who will end up voting for the other idiot. I would much rather go Constitution Party but they need a little work and a better candidate. Then I would go Libertarian Party. He was a governor and would no doubtedly do better than this idiot. Then I would go even farther down the list on the more conservative side but again I can't trust stupid Americans and people like Pelosi, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and all the other extremeists on the other side. They will always vote based on party lines.

It is true that a third party vote does not "give" a vote to the other side but it does not add to them either. If you and one other person would go a third party then it evens out. But do you trust anyone to do that? I don't. And so the only way to make a change this time is to get rid of Obama.

And yes voting for a third party is highly American. A true democracy has choice.

Remember to add MSNBC on that nut list by the way.

I was also in a dilemma when it comes to his Mormonism. Do I vote for someone who claims he is a Christian but in my views doesn't uphold any of the values or vote for someone who in my book is not a Christian but holds the values I look for more of? All the Christians in my litle circle say the same thing and we feel a hypocrit is worse. Obama even as you say only wants the vote and that is why he says all the crap he does.