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October 29, 2017

#22 Liberalism has killed the Millennials (and they don't even know it)

Looking at the generation that is ready to start their careers and starting the major turns in life puts fear into the hearts of the generations before.  But let's face it, the generations before the millennials are the ones who raised them to be this way.  Nothing, absolutely nothing has destroyed this generation though more than liberalism.  Liberalism always destroys.  Maybe those who believe in feel they are doing good and creating a brave new world but in the end it brings nothing but destruction.

In liberalism, everyone is rewarded.  There are no losers.   In the late 1990's many wrestling tournaments as an example started to change the way they said things.  Instead of saying the "losers' bracket", they would say the "non-winners", as if that was really different.  But what it did show is that apparently we had to start being more careful about what we say to be people, especially children so we didn't destroy their dreams.  Being alive was the achievement.  In reality that is probably accurate given the way we destroy life anyway.  Everyone gets a trophy.  We all meet in the winner's circle.  Even if you're 4'5" you can be the next Michael Jordan because mommy says you can.
  • The problem with this way of thinking is that we are setting up false hopes.  Everyone thinks they will succeed because they were part of something.  We are setting an example for these millennials to not have goals.  They end up having no desire to do any better because they are "already winners".  Competition is too difficult for them so many just don't try.  They are afraid of actually losing.  And when they do they make so much drama about it as if once loss destroys all they have done.  That means they only try things that they know they will "win" at.  And because of this they always feel like they are right.  Remember they are never a loser, so they are never wrong.  Try and tell a millennial what they have done wrong and they will answer with some smart remark or give up.  They need to understand that life needs work.  They need to know that sometime things don't go right but you have to keep trying.  Sometimes you are wrong.
In liberalism, they teach that everyone should rely on others on ways to make things easier.  Technology is used by liberals and conservatives alike but listen to the example.  Yes, all technology can be used for good, but most of the time it is used to make things easier, a lazy way out of things.  It's ok to rely on others to get what we need.  Technology is no exception.  Everything is now at our fingertips.  All we have to do is ask Google, Siri, or Echo.  Millennials are constantly on their social devices.  That is how they converse, that is how they research, that is how they listen to music and read, that is how they stay connected with everyone around them, including those in the same room.  Everything has already been done for them.
  • The problem with this way of thinking is that one day if all we do is rely on someone else having the answer then no one in the near future will be adding anything new.  We will have run out of those who have already did this and done that.  And because of all of this millennials do not know how to have a real conversation.  Emojis are not real life answers.  They do not know how to read people correctly.  There is no inflection on words.  People do not know how to actually express themselves since they are limited to 140 characters.  Then when they do talk to people they don't know how to control the volume or demeanor of their voices.  Everything sounds like an argument or a misunderstanding.
In liberalism everything is a right.  No matter what we do we have the right to feel a certain way, act a certain way, believe a certain way, or say whatever we want because of the freedom that liberalism stresses.  Yes, freedom of speech is the greatest thing we have but as Peter Parker's Uncle Ben said, "with great power comes great responsibility".  That freedom is often abused.  Just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to use it all the time.  Some things are not needed, but this generation feels they have the right, as in because they have an opinion, that they should use that right in all conversations.  No, sometimes SHUT-UP!!
  • The problem with this way of thinking that if everything is a right, then there are no such things as consequences and we can all do what we want.  Lifestyles can be whatever you want because there are no absolutes.  That is absolutely wrong.  There are absolutes in this world.  But this generation has erased many of those lines we used to have drawn.  Things like abortions, sexual immorality, drunkenness, and drug usage on one side and then omission of caring, inactivity, and tolerance on the other side all hidden in the argument of "basic human rights".  It's not about abortion, it's about a woman's right to choose--wrong.  It's not about one man and one woman, it's about love--wrong.  It's not about using drugs, it's about feeling good--wrong.  The worse part is when you ask them about tolerance, they are only tolerant if they agree with you.  And if they don't agree with you then go back to the first issue above.
In liberalism everything is free and deserved.  Another distortion of basic human rights.  Free college, free health care, free contraceptives.  Where will it stop?  Free food!  Free housing!  Free clothes!  Free cars!  Free manicures!  Free make up!
  • The problem with this way of thinking is life doesn't mean you deserve everything.  They feel they should get it no matter what.  They don't have the motivation to be any better.  They forget that somehow, someway, someone will still pay for these things.  How do you get food?  Someone grew it.  How do you get education?  Someone is using their talents to teach you.  How do you get contraceptives?  Well, first of all, have sex when you are ready for the consequences.
In liberalism there should be no religion.  If everyone is right then don't tell me about your religion because who's to say what belief is right?
  • The problem with this way of thinking is without religion we have lost the last thing to believe in.  Yes, there are problems with "religions".  That is why people need to find the right thing to believe in, which is a different topic.  But we lost faith in our government.  We lost faith in our parents.  We lost faith in our systems.  The only thing left is our actual faith.  And now we are losing that too.  Without faith in something we lose hope.
This generation has lost all hope.  They have become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, and unholy.  It's no wonder why they feel like there is nothing to live for.  And this is what liberalism has caused.


Anonymous said...

I like how you masked what you really mean when you said sexual immorality. Why don't you just say what you mean?! You mean homosexuality. Just say it. You and your conservative crap based on your religious bigotry makes me sick.

No Doubt said...

Hey Tim, there is so much here. I would like to take it one piece at a time. Liberalism, in my opinion is the unnatural or unrealistic way of looking at things, While conservatism is the natural or realistic way.

For example, a conservative who wants to get better at wrestling, knows it will require work to become the best that you can be. Liberalism want to circumvent the work required and be evaluated at the same level as the one who did the work.

The same can be seen in every day life. A conservative knows that you need to work to get the things that you need and to get a head. However, a liberal want someone else to do all the work and receive the fruits of that work.

No Doubt said...

Anonymous, it appears that this post hit a sore spot with you. With that said, sexual immorality does not just include homosexuality but every unnatural way of sexual activity.

Tim said...


I didn't "mask" anything. I am finding it difficult to see why you think I did anything like that.

But, to address what you have said, Keith pretty much said it. All sexual immorality is included in what I said. That means all things outside of what God had planned; homosexuality, heterosexuality outside of marriage as well. Check out this post for the differences: Eros

Homosexuality is only a small percentage of the sexual acts that I am referring to.

As I am typing this I think I see why you said I masked something. I said sexual immorality and then I posed the scenario of someone saying it was not about one man one woman but about love. Ok, I see why you think that. I was not masking it. I was simply stating a certain (and common) scenario in today's world.

But since you brought it up, in your opinion, who should be allowed to get married?

No Doubt said...

Hey Tim, the second thing is, Do you really think that Liberalism automatically discounts religion or specifically Christianity?

Chris said...

Tim, I think the issue is partly, if not mostly the baby boomer generation. They are the ones that deviated from the example given to them by their parents and it has gotten worse with every generation since. It started with them giving in to the anti-war garbage and the attitude that my children is going to have more than I did. It all socialism.

Tim said...


Yes!!!! Yes, I do. Follow this link Atheism ladder of thought

Tim said...


YES!! You got it. Generation Y Millennials

These are not my full thoughts on the generations but should shed some light. I out about 90% blame on the Boomers. We are so full of agreement!

No Doubt said...

Yes, I totally agree that Liberalism has it's gun sights on Christianity. If we honestly look at it, we find that they interestingly have no issues with other religions. I wonder why. ;-)

My third comment that I totally agree is that Liberalism uses that old time proven method of blurring the lines, to shade their sin, to make it appear that their sin is not so bad. I'm reminded of a comment, from a preacher. Prior to the fall of every great civilization, the acceptance of sexual immorality as normal was quite evident. You can see that happening here and throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

Why would I answer your question? All you would do is twist my words. But I believe in love for all, which you and all of your cohorts do not.

Tim said...

On the contrary we believe in true and perfect love.

I would not "twist" your words. I would ask either for more information, add on to your thoughts, or try yo get you to think further about what you said. You have nothing to lose, you stayed anonymous.

Tim said...

Such as: what is "love for all"? Because straight out of the gate you showed contempt to me. That doesn't sound like love, or even tolerance.

Tim said...

Look at this pathetic thread on Twitter. This is the mentality of millennials.
School to them

One respondent smokes marijuana all day. Another tells everyone it's ok to drop out. Another says to everyone to go kill themselves. Another talks about how teachers only want you to listen and not ask questions and how it is a prison.

This is that generation. They see things in the wrong light. They think they know everything there is to know. You can't tell them they are wrong. Not one of them though talks about how good their job is...not one.

What happened?????????

Look at all the "likes" and "retweets", all from millennials. This is the generation that was killed by liberal thinking. This is the generation that will kill our existence if they do not want to learn anything. We're going to go from baby boomers straight to them ruling the earth. It's no wonder why many Christians say this is the end time generation.

Anonymous said...

If any two consenting adults agree to love each other and your god made love then why is it wrong?

Tim said...

I am not trying to twist your words. I am not trying to put words into your mouth. But I want you to hear what you just said and then think about it. You said, two consenting adults. Not even bringing in God, I don't want to entwine my beliefs with my feelings about this so we can't blame anything but common sense.

1. What makes an adult? You would probably say 18. Ok. Why is 18 an adult? You would probably say the law made it that way. And for the most part I would agree. But science says our brains do not reach maturity until 25 years old. If 18 is acceptable, then if someone 50 wanted to marry someone 17 years and 364 days it is illegal without parental consent, but one more day and it is ok. Why? Because of law created by mankind. My point is we already have stipulations on marriage.
2. Why two? You would probably say that this shows faithfulness. I would agree. But, if you are ok with sharing then why not three or four or 100 spouses? Again, you have put stipulations on marriage.
3. Consent? Would that now exclude those who have some mental incapacity? No one who is autistic, or bi-polar, or brain damage, or Alzheimer patients, or anything of the like would be allowed to get married. Wouldn't that take away their individual freedom?
4. And then we have to add...what about family members? Why do we say it is against the law for family members to marry? Most would say because it is sick....but why? Oh, I would agree with that but why would anyone without a religious thought feel disgusted?

See? We already put restrictions on marriage. It is hypocritical to say what you have said and then make an exception to same-sex because of your personal feelings. I believe in civil unions. Anyone who by law wants to share all legal rights then fine, but I don't believe in same-sex marriage because I don't think it helps society, so it should not get tax shelters or breaks like opposite sex marriage. I don't think it destroys a culture in and of itself, but I do believe it adds to cultural issues that are already tearing apart order or society, such as liberalism, socialism, atheism, and yes pure democracy (anarchy).

And before we go farther let me add, ALL sexual immorality adds to that tearing.

But now let me add, since you seemed to want to go there, yes, God said almost what you did: Two people who love each other, but He told us what the two people were; one man one woman. Mankind has distorted ever since.

Chris said...

Anonymous, I would like to answer your comment, strictly on a natural level, if you'll let me. You said, "If any two consenting adults agree to love each other and your god made love then why is it wrong?"

Let's change the verbs around and see if we can hang some meat on that hook.

If any two consenting adults agree to eat each other and your god made eating then why is it wrong?

If any two consenting adults agree to sell each other and your god made selling then why is it wrong?

If any two consenting adults agree to make love with children with each other and your god made love then why is it wrong?

If any two consenting adults agree to have slaves for each other and your god made slaves then why is it wrong?

If any two consenting adults agree to blow up each other and your god made the elements to make a bomb then why is it wrong?

I could go on, but there has to be societal limits on certain things, for a civilization to succeed. What may feel right to you may not be beneficial for society. In the case of homosexuality, what would happen if everyone decided to be gay? What would happen if everyone decided it was ok to start having sex with children? Again, I could go on, but I hope you get my point.

Now, you may not believe in God, but it is amazing the scientific facts behind his warnings to mankind. For example,

We were told not to eat certain meats. However, mankind ignored that and we got AIDS/HIV from eating monkeys.

We are told not to have sex outside of our marriage. However, mankind has ignored that and we got syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

We were told to be extraordinarily clean and how to dispose of waste. However, mankind ignored that and we got the Black Plague, Typhoid and my all time favorite, the loss of many patient lives throughout history because we didn't sterilize our medical instruments until late in the 19th century.

I hope one day that you and the rest of mankind will wake up and start ignoring the "If it feels good, do it!!!!" mentality.

No Doubt said...

Chris, you read my mind.

No Doubt said...

Annonymous, I would like to add one thing to that. God and the rest of us do love the homosexual. We love all sinners. That includes Tim, Chris, me, you, etc. It's the act of homosexuality that is wrong. It, among other sins, creates problems with society, such as what Chris alluded towards. Bottom line, God abhors the act of homosexuality. Why? Because the joining of a man and a woman is God's example of how he loves us and becomes one with us, not in a sexual way, but a relational way. God is very adamant, concerning his Word, models, etc., for mankind. He doesn't want them changed.

May I assume that your next question would be, "Will there be any homosexuals in the Kingdom of God?". That's actually a very hard question. I honestly believe that there are a lot of homosexuals battling with the sin of homosexuality. They are just like the rest of us sinners. So, the answer would be, Yes, there will be homosexuals in the Kingdom. However, if I may add this caveat, those who actively participate in sin, without any regard to God's Will, does not have a place in the Kingdom.

Our lives, here on earth, are examples of agape, a committed love towards God. It is but a whisper of time, in the overall scheme of things. We have a short time to show our commitment to God. Taking this time to do things in the way that you want shows selfishness, not commitment. All God wants from us is a short time of commitment, which is rewarded with an eternity of life with him.

Tim said...

Let's keep in mind, sexuality is only ONE aspect of how this millennial generation has been destroyed. Notice I did NOT say homosexuality. I teach and this generation has no clue about commitment and what it takes to be in a relationship. They live in a "whatever" attitude, a defeatist mentality. Forgetting any boundaries sexually speaking is one aspect they don't care about anymore. That leads to other "whatever" things like abortion, living dangerously and then expecting reward out of it (Obamacare), not listening to authority and then expecting free college (Sanders), and the list goes on. Let's not focus on just one thing. But Anonymous, we're all in this together. I am sorry that over the years that homosexuals have been compared to murderers and thieves. We ALL should be compared to murderers and thieves. We are all guilty of something and need forgiveness.

Please keep in mind this is a political blog, all views and ideas are welcomed but stay focused on the legal aspects as much as possible.

This generation has no clue about how liberal ideas affect them.

Chris said...

But isn't the example of homosexuality representative of how liberalism approaches all things. I have found that if you can show a chink in just one part of someone's rationale, otherwise show them the error in their thought process, the rest begins to fall apart as a result of logic.

Tim said...

Yes. That is why I listed it (as part of immoral sexuality). But as a person of close interest to me once said, you need to give them one thing to think about first. God is the ultimate answer, period. but to someone who hates God or the idea of God repulses them then hitting them with God may push them away. But, yes, to your question. Homosexuality as form of Culturalism, which is a form of Socialism, which is a form of Liberalism, which is a form of Secularism, which is a form of Humanism and that is a form of Atheism. Anti-God Thinking It all leads to a path away from God.

Chris said...

Didn't anonymous start the conversation and hasn't it primarily been one subject so far? I'm confused. It appears that you want to move away from the one subject. Whether it is a natural/supernatural or civil/God law, shouldn't you lay down the entire debate, rather than attempt to move away from it, because you feel uneasy or may offend. It is the truth that offends, not you or me.

No Doubt said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. So, if we agree that Liberalism, at its core, is anti-God. How do we turn the tide of Liberalism, without bringing up the natural and what the natural proclaims, that there is a God?

Tim said...


Actually I started the conversation, haha. I agree with you. But talking God to someone who seems to oppose God will not win any arguments, debates, discussions, or any hearts. When I am on Yahoo and talking to atheists one of their biggest turn-offs is when I use the Bible to explain God and stuff. They respond with "that's like using Harry Potter to explain how magic is real". My point is let's make sure we give a balanced look at things. Most people who are ok with things like same-sex marriage think the ONLY reason that same-sex marriage is looked upon as negative is by religious ideas. And that is not accurate but they do believe that so staying ONLY on God on a political site will not sustain all of those who are involved. I am not saying stop the topic or your views, and I will post 99.99999% of comments (some had some really nasty language so I will edit those words and then post it). Can you see Paul coming here and giving his opinion about this?

Your post about two consenting adults was a good balance! It showed both man and God's laws.

Tim said...

The only thing we can do is try and turn the hearts of people. Changing laws will only upset the "other side" of the ones who had the laws change on them. Such as if we made same-sex marriage illegal, will it change any heart? No. It will just make the opposing side more militant. Same with gun control, abortion, taxes, Obamacare (insert political idea). Laws have purpose don't get me wrong but they are only band-aids to a disease. Abortion is not the problem. It is a horrible thing but it is not the problem. It is the culture that feels the need to have abortion because of what we do. Laws stopping abortion will only cause more "illegal" abortions. Laws promoting the right to have abortions will only open up the possibility for younger abortions. Laws will not stop any of it. But raising children right. Getting them some higher standards to live by. Educating them. LOVING them. Not abandoning them, or neglecting them. Unfortunately, I see this generation as being the last one on earth. I teach 9th grade and I just see so many lost students. They hide behind their phones (given to them by irresponsible parents). They hide behind their social media avatars (unwatched by irresponsible parents). They are highly unmotivated and feel their is no hope for them so they don't try (due to home lives). Generation Xers do not have any idea about being a parent because of being raised by baby boomers. Politically speaking we are going to go from baby boomers (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump) straight to millennials. So any of us who have ideas in my generation will never get to say anything.

Tim said...

See now I am afraid we lost anonymous.

Susan said...

Hi Tim, thank you for your commentat my humble little blog, I didn’t notice it until today, thank you for your encouragement regarding Paul...indeed he is one to take to Jesus with much prayer. Glad we found each other’s blogs, now I shall read about how you think about all the strange things we see happening these days! 😊

Tim said...

Sorry for not answering you Susan. I just thought I had to warn you about Paul. He is very trying and needs a lot of patience talking to him. He is lost but has the truth somewhere inside him.

No Doubt said...

Did Susan just say that you were strange. I can vouch for that. :-)