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August 17, 2017

#21 All forms of hatred need to addressed.

In light of the recent activity, Charlottesville 2017, the main sentence is that hatred never solved any issue in this world.  Donald Trump is not the greatest person on the earth and not the greatest of leaders.  He has already said some stupid things that conservatives do not agree with and certainly not with anyone from the other groups.  He does not stand for true conservative values.  The only reason why the GOP stands up for him, when they do, is because they want to try and keep the peace as much as possible.  Prediction is that soon they will abandon him.  With that said, there is some truth in what President Trump said about the riots; both sides are to blame...but for different reasons.

Why is the "alt-right" to blame?  First and foremost, they are not the alternative right.  They are in no way , shape, or form an alternative to conservative values.  It doesn't matter what they call themselves.  They are a hate group and it is embarrassing, and inaccurate, to be labeled on the same "side" as they are.  They spew hatred.  We do not.  They promote violence.  We do not.  They do not accept every race.  We do.  They have salutes and disrespect people who fought in wars.  We do not. The list can go on and on.  So, why are they to blame?  Simply put, they're idiots.  Idiocy is always a reason bad things happen.  They are promoting ideas that have been defeated by the USA twice (1865 and 1945).  Every thing they stand for slaps our military in the face.  Thousands died against this type of belief.  They have the legal right to protest per 1st Amendment, but do they have the moral right to do so?  No.  If they would just assemble, give their speech in a normal voice and then move on then fine.  But they do not.  They protest, not because it is their right, not because they are right, not because they actually want laws passed.  They protest for one reason only; to spark an event to get them noticed.  They are idiots.  But our laws allow them to be idiots.  They are to blame due to their hatred but even more so because of their actions.

So if they are wrong then why is the left to blame as well?  The answer is as simple as the first.  They are idiots too.  Are they wrong for hating the hatred that Nazis spew?  No.  They are correct.  All hatred should be hated.  Are they wrong for protesting?  No.  Are they wrong for protesting protesters on opposing sides?  No.  But they are wrong in how they approach the other side.  Even though the words they speak sound logical and are on the side of acceptance, they are not.  They use the same rhetoric and mannerisms that the Nazis do.  Hence, there is not much difference between Stalin and Hitler.  If they just showed up with their signs and in larger number and kept peacefully to themselves, their message would have been heard more and received by more.  But they think they have to yell louder than the other side.  And that doesn't work.  They claim to be the people of tolerance but they only tolerate those who agree with their views.  Many of them showed up with weapons and got violent.  Not only did they get violent, some of them started the whole violent scene. They did not come there to protest idiocy.  They did not come there to protest a protest.  They came there to be just as loud and hateful as the other side.  And for that reason alone, they were wrong.

Donald Trump is partly to blame.  His rhetoric and "no backing down" attitude is ridiculous.  But to say he caused the situation or because of him people feel they can be racist or sexist gives him too much credit.  These people were idiots before Donald Trump came along.

Barack Obama is partly to blame.  His victimizing the minority and "backing down" attitude was lame.  He took sides when it came to race relations and those who voted for Trump saw that and pushed many over to Trump's camp.

And above all, the media is to blame.  Trying to find a news source that only reported the story instead of casting blame to one side or the other, or trying to find a news source that did not only do a story about how Trump or Obama responded, or trying to find a news source that didn't only do a story about Nazis or Antifa is almost impossible, otherwise it would have been posted here.

When one side wants to protest, let them.  Let them get all of their angry words out there.  Let them fly their flags and march.  Let them have their moment.  Eventually they will lose their voice. Eventually people will fly higher flags.  Eventually larger numbers of people will march for better reasons.  Eventually their moment passes.  They are allowed to have their opinion.  They are allowed to assemble and stress their opinion.  Once they do they will realize they are the minority.  If we do not give them their moment to shine they will fade away.  But instead we all come to these rallies with guns blazing, locked and loaded.

Hate may come in different forms, but it is all the same.

No matter who is to blame, that young lady's life should never have been cut short.  That cowardly murderer should have now just forfeited his rights as a citizen.  Condolences and sympathies go out to the young woman's family who lost her during this event. Her life should never been in jeopardy.


No Doubt said...

One of the biggest problems that I see is that conservatives are depicted as part of the alt right. I agree with you that we are not.

The media and the alt left continuing set up that illustration in an attempt to fortify their face. Unfortunately, there isn't anybody out there that is representing conservative values in a positive way. That is no one that is getting any press.

Unfortunately, we are in that pendulum swing, where we will either get an alt right one all left president for the next 16 to 20 years. I hope there is an America left after that. We are taking this very seriously. We seeing in accordance with the Bible, a time of severe turmoil, socially and economically, and our future. I encourage everyone I meet to make themselves ready for any severe downturn in our society.

Tim said...

No Doubt,

You placed an image in my head that really makes sense. The pendulum has always been swinging. But picture this: In the first few years in our history the pendulum was moving a few spaces with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. In our reality these two would be very close together and not much difference. And that makes sense because there are more issues today than there were back then. As one side won the other side swung back harder causing the pendulum to swing farther out on each side. Today after all the swings in the past 241 years all we are left with is the extremes as you said.