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July 6, 2017

#20 This was a spit in the face of soldiers

If you want to sleep with whoever you want, go ahead.  If you want to express your feelings for whoever, go ahead.  If you want to show your pride in what or how you feel, go ahead.  After all this is the United States, the most free country in the world (Yes, it is, try somewhere else if you don't agree).  But if you do, then don't compare your life or struggles EVER with what our military goes through...EVER!  This picture is not disgusting because of the portrayed homosexual nature.  Who cares?  You're gay?  Then you're gay.  This picture is disgusting because it makes it seem like this community is fighting for the freedom of all people.

Not even close.  The soldiers raising the American flag put their lives on the line not only for the freedom of their own country but for the whole Pacific Ocean and eventually freeing the Japanese from their own form of tyranny.  They dodged real bullets.  The sweat real blood.  They lived in real fear.  And most of all what they did was they fought for real freedom.  What did these on the right do? All they are doing in REALITY is fighting for sexual activity rights.

One could say they are doing it for everyone else but they are the only ones who received any "benefit" out of their struggle.  To be honest if they fought for this then they would fight for incest, bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia. NO!  This is NOT comparing these sexual activities with each other.  It is just saying that other sexual activities have a law against it, based on mankind's feelings.  Most homosexuals like most heterosexuals would say that pedophilia is sick.  But why?  They can't argue religious reasons because that is what they say is argued against them.  It is only sick because of our culture saying it is.  A person 40 years old having sex with someone 17 years and 364 days is wrong but the next day it's okay?  Why can't two siblings have sex?  Is it nasty?  By whose terms?  Can't be just religious.  It must be the culture.  So, the fight for freedom here on the right is not like the fight for freedom on the left.

One could say they are fighting against tyranny.  Then who is the tyrannical dictator they are fighting against?  It must be America since they changed the flag.  America must be the enemy since they are raising their own flag.  They must be saying that their flag is more important than all our country's flag.  The US, the freest country in the world, is their tyrannical enemy?

One could say they are fighting for minority groups who don't get a voice.  Why are there no women in the picture?

One could say they are fighting for equality.  Then all flags of all groups should be raised in the picture.  But wait, we already have that flag.  It has 50 stars and 13 stripes on it.

One could say that they are fighting for freedom of speech.  Then what are they saying?  Are they saying they are the new soldiers?  Are they the people who now do all the fighting?  Who knows if the soldiers on the left are gay or straight?  We don't.  But we sure know the ones on the right.

Yes, theirs has been a struggle to become more than 2nd class citizens.  That is understood.  Yes, there has been discrimination to this group of people.  That is understood.  Yes, there is a feeling of not belonging.  That is understood.  It is completely understood that this is not a perfect country or that not all people have had a voice in the past.  But that is NOT what this is about.  It is wrong and in poor taste because of who it replaced.  Nothing more, nothing less.

No.  This, no matter what, no matter how you feel, no matter who you are, is a spit into the face of every soldier that died or fought for the sake of freedom.

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