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March 17, 2016

#14 The Trump Card and Suit will not always be the best

Even though socialism is not the answer that does not mean any tycoon billionaire's ideas are any better.  Although all of those who are running for president are millionaires or more anyway, so they are all hypocrites for the most.  But judge a person not by their economic standard but by what they stand for.
Illegal Immigration-- Building a wall on the southern border.  This has to be the most asinine thing to say.  The idea behind the concept is understood.  We have an issue in this country due to, yes, illegal immigration.  First of all the term is correct to use.  We have standards and rules to come into this country.  Some have been trying to get here for years and are going through all the steps and are getting beat by those who lie, cheat, and steal to come here.  It is not fair for those who have waited patiently to get here only for others to get the jobs first, or the "free education".  Another problem of immigration is that we can no longer trust all of those coming in.  And as comedian Paul Rodriguez says (paraphrased), "don't get mad at the Mexicans, we are just here to take your jobs, not to kill you".  Unfortunately, we don't know who is coming over the border.  But, to build a 50-foot wall over 2000 miles in length and say they will pay for it?  Impossible in more ways than one.  And, ask Berlin how walls go.  We have laws already in place.  Use them.  Immigration is fine, but use the laws already here.  No sanctuary cities.  Recreate something like Ellis Island again.  Allow the paperwork to be more user friendly for immigrants to fill out.  Do not send back one member of the family, but if they need deported send back the whole family.  But, before they are sent back give them the paperwork to do and show then the process.

Before the inevitable happens here is a disclaimer:  Yes, the Native American has been pushed out and taken over by foreigners, and it is completely unfair that this has happened.  It seems that it is hypocritical to say one group of aliens are ok and others are not.  But we are living in different times.  If we could all go back in time, odds are we would change what happened to the Native American.  But 250 years later this is a different country filled with those who are not the ones to blame for the plight of the Native American.  Americans of all are trying to protect themselves against a new type of enemy.  In a perfect world we would all be able to get along.
Other issues he is wrong about can't really be talked about here because who knows if he is really for that issue or not.  In the past he has been for the choice of abortion.  In 2011, he "changed due to personal experiences".  He said he is for affirmative action, but that is not a conservative value since it takes equal economic opportunity away.  He has been for gun control.  But things like this he has changed his ideas or maybe he is saying them to be considered a conservative enough person to be a GOP candidate.  He said he is for family values, but wasn't he married four times?  One shouldn't judge.
The problem is not necessarily his policies, save one, but the way he gets things done.  He is rude.  Pissing off leaders will not get the job done.  He is obnoxious and hard-headed.  Compromise is part of the game and sometimes needed.  Trying to bully others into your opinion is a 3rd grade tactic.  His arrogance will not let him lose.  He claims he wins at everything.  He has insulted his way to the top.  Calling Putin bald and short will not bring and end to any terrorism.  He wants to sue everyone. He says racist things but "don't mean them".   He may perhaps have a large white supremacist group ties.  But you are allowed to have an opinion, even as stupid as that one.  It is undoubtedly accurate that Obama had black supremacist groups follow him too.  And Clinton will have women groups follow her.  He is a misogynist but claims he "even hires women for construction jobs".   His believability is way too low.  He is inciting violence with every speech.  He is playing upon the fears and anger of people.  History says that is not a good thing.  This picture should be enough to stop anyone from voting for him.
Unless this is the competition:
Then unfortunately in this competition, he is a conservative.  The good news is he will only be a one-term president if he gets elected.

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