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December 3, 2014

#8 All lives matter not just a few

This will be taken the wrong way by most.  Please see the big picture and not just talking points.

What is happening in Ferguson is perhaps one of the worse things that could possibly happen.  A new civil war is being fought but with the wrong undertones.  One sees it everywhere now; the sign that says black lives matter.  While there can be no argument there for any reason whatsoever, there is a missing point, all lives matter, not just a few.

This should never have been made out to be about racism unless, or at the least UNTIL facts came out that clearly could prove it.  While there may be racist police officers, of which there is no denying nor an excuse, we cannot automatically assume that every time someone who is arrested by someone of another color that it is because of racism.  We tend to forget that there are plenty of same color arrests and murders that go on in this country and we let them go because it is not news worthy or it will not wage enough anger for an excuse to go against order. 

Where are people like Al Sharpton when there are murders every year that are committed in so-called "black neighborhoods" yet no one is crying out foul?  Where are all the white "sympathizers" when white people kill other white people?  Neither is to be found until it is time for more hatred to be exploited.  Fact is 93% of black people are killed by other black people.  Fact is 85% of white people are killed by other white people (murder facts).  Yet, when a police officer is called to a scene and has to make a split second decision, and while the death toll numbers are very, very low compared to the rest of killings, these are the cases that are shown and turned into a topic that reopens civil war wounds.
This incident is a tragedy.  A young life was lost.  A family is broken.  But there was another sign that says "I have the right to speak" at some of these protests.  Of course you do, but what we do not have the right to do is committing crime, like the young man did right before the incident happened.  We all have to remember if the young man had not committed a crime then no police officer would have been called.  If the young man would have not resisted arrest the police officer would not have had to use force.  If the young man would not have charged at the police officer the police officer would not have felt the need to use deadly force.  We do not have the right to loot stores and businesses while we are "protesting".  We do not have the right to call for "dead cops".   Where is Al Sharpton on that subject?

Now we will have to see police officers being killed because those who want to carry the protests further will now wage war on them.  Within the next few weeks there will be many cases of police officers being targeted; watch and see.

All lives matter.  When will we wake up and realize that we live in this world together.  While racism is alive and well (may it die), the real problem is the whole human race itself and its narrow thinking and what it deems as rational thinking.  There is no more common sense in this country.

Note:  this post was debated on whether to be posted or not, but in light of recent events and hopes that no one will take this as a racist rant it was posted.  I do not believe in what people call neighborhoods that are white or black.

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