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July 20, 2014

#6 The Conservatives were right.

President George W. Bush warned the Democratic-controlled Congress about the housing market crash, but no one listened.  President George W. Bush warned the world that three countries were going to be a problem; Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.  And they have been, yet nothing was done about it.  Governor Mitt Romney said that Russia was still our biggest geopolitical threat and they laughed at him.  Conservatives from all over the country have warned the rest of us about the border issue but liberals use the policy of amnesty instead of dealing with it and now it is coming to a head.  They also warned about the economy and the health care issue, yet here we are with a stagnant economy (except for the stock-market, you know the 1%), and a health care system that has failed more than succeeded.

On top of that, the last two years have shown that, even though President Bush made many mistakes and that Senator McCain and Governor Romney were nowhere close to defeating Senator/President Obama, America got it wrong during the last two elections and were correct for electing over Vice President Gore and re-electing President Bush over Senator Kerry.  And as of right now we are on the track of making a third mistake since Hillary is leading the polls.

Al Gore of course has been time and time again been proven how "off his rocker" he really is by claiming he created the internet and that there is a definite global warming (now changed to climate change) and worst of all how he bought Al-Jazeera media; the same media that delivers terrorist messages but won't tell where they came from and now Time Warner Cable carries it.  He is untrustworthy and passed his time.

So, now look at the last two Secretaries of State.

We are getting a glimpse of what a John Kerry and Hillary Clinton presidency would have been and would be like. Secretary Kerry has been wimping his way throughout Asia and in Russia for the last year and a half. And now he is on his way to the Middle East to see what damage liberalism can do there.  He was just caught on a microphone disapproving Israel, our main Middle Eastern ally, defending itself.  He helped with the deal that exchanged three terrorist for one American soldier who may or may not have been a deserter. Although, we saved a man's life, how many more Americans will die due to these three being free?  He accepted terms with Iran which basically recognized the "right" for them to create nuclear weapons.  And with Russia he has been all talk and no action.  The bravest thing he did here was "warn" Russia it would be a grave mistake to stay in the Ukraine.  Not only was that no action in reality, it was an ultimatum that could have caused Russia to up its attacks.

We also got a huge glimpse in what a Hillary presidency would be like.  She started her reign by giving Russia a reset button that has now backfired (the button had the wrong word on it to start with).  She goofed up relations with Honduras to which we had to accept a fascist regime.  She says she gives all of her proceeds from speeches to charities yet it is not proven.  But of course one word says it all:  Benghazi.  She resigned her post when she took heat from the Benghazi fiasco.  That issue alone should warn the American public what it would be like; more lies and cover ups.  With all the good she may have done this one issue should be enough for us to say no to her.

If we only listened to conservative ideas these messes would not be here.  The last few liberal choices have destroyed our values and way of life.  See where they end up on the chart: American political views

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