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January 2, 2016

#11 Calculating the candidates.

With less than a month now left to the Iowa Caucuses get underway, a process given too much importance to by the way,  here is a list of what to look for in a candidate.

The GOP:
  • Those who do not matter are Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, John Kaisich, John Gilmore, and Rand Paul.  These four should just drop out and save money, time, and effort.  Their time is over and they perhaps should never run again.
  • The bottom tier:
    1. Chris Christie, New Jersey, two terms as a Republican governor is a very Democrat-hyped state, former prosecutor, former US Attorney.  Hot headed and out spoken at times (even his website says "Telling it like it is", but that may be due to his New Jersey background.  Often criticized for his weight.  His biggest obstacle though is his dealings with the shut down on the George Washington Bridge.  He was acquitted of all wrong doings but there is still doubt.  He is not part of Washington but has been part of the establishment recently.  His governorship brings his leadership ability up.  https://www.chrischristie.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 8, Leadership abilities= 7 Corrupted by DC= -1
    2. Carly Fiorina, California, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, and AT&T.  A formidable opponent to Clinton but only because of her female status.  She did run HP but bad times hit and under her leadership it lost a lot of its stock value (could have been anyone at the time). Her emotionless features do not make her unattractive as Trump said, but makes seem her unattached to the people.  Even when she gets angry she shows no emotion and he voice never shows any inflection. But being part of the anti-establishment allows her to not be persuaded by lobbyists however Wall St might.  https://www.carlyforpresident.com/  Assessment: Conservative values= 9 Leadership abilities= 5 Corrupted by DC= 2
    3. Jeb Bush, Florida, former two term governor of Florida, former business entrepreneur.  A family man with family values.  Almost everything he has been a part of has succeeded; his business actions, his terms as governor have mostly been viewed as positive barring any bias.  His biggest problems though are of course his name, although out of all the Bushes in politics he is probably the most stable, his business actions some think were unethical, and his personality is less than desirable.  He is even tempered but seems to smile at the wrong times. His strengths are that he knows how to be an executive and he has been out of the Washington loop for years.  https://jeb2016.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 9, Leadership abilities= 9, Corruption by DC= 0
    4. John Kasich, Ohio, governor, former 9-term Representative of Ohio, business entrepreneur.  They either hated him or loved him in Ohio.  He has been known to fly off the handle but then turn around and be the calm one at the table.  He fought against unions but then backed down when Ohians said no to that.  He has executive experience but has been part of Washington problems before.  He is successful in his business endeavors.  He has turned Ohio around from the disaster that Ted Strickland brought.  His problem is he is not known.  His speaking skills are irritating.  And he karate chops the world when he speaks.  https://www.johnkasich.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 9, Leadership abilities= 8, Corruption by DC= -2
  • The top tier:
    1. Marco Rubio, Florida, three term Senator, five term state Representative in Florida.  Only one of three Hispanics in the Senate, he came from a upper class family who lived the American dream.  Although many will say that is his problem because even though he came from a upper class family he had his own financial issues.  He stands up for family values but his work in the Senate as been scrutinized for his lack of appearances.  His views seem to be very solid but he has been too much involved with Washington in the recent pass.  He may have good values and views but can he show up and do the job? https://marcorubio.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 10, Leadership ability= 6, Corruption by DC= -2
    2. Ben Carson, Maryland but from Michigan, Neurosurgeon.  Former job hunter until he was accepted into medical school.  Credited with performing the first successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the head.  Part of many business board of directors.  He has published eight books.  He broke through poverty and showed what can be done when you actually rely on yourself and not the government.  He has no political experience but has been director of John Hopkins Hospital.  A great speaker, he has good ideas but perhaps too soft spoken. Could he lead with that type of demeanor?  https://www.bencarson.com/  Assessment: Conservative values= 9, Leadership abilities= 4, Corruption by DC= 1
    3. Donald Trump, New York, Entrepreneur, TV Mogul.  Loud, obnoxious, but doesn't stand down to anyone.  His "outside Washington anger" is what fuels his campaign.  His executive decision making is what makes his leadership appeal strong.  But his values seem to change with time and his family values can be highly argued.  His wit can be either sharp or offensive and sometimes both.  He has the guile to be a leader but what he says may sometimes be too confrontational and divisive.  Her may not be corrupted by Washington but he may be corrupted by Wall St and even worse, Hollywood.  https://www.donaldjtrump.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 6, Leadership abilities= 7, Corruption by DC= 1
    4. Ted Cruz, Texas, two term Senator, has held three government positions besides Senator and was a professor law in Texas.  He knows a lot about Constitutional law as that is what he taught in Texas. He is a family man full of family values.  His major problem is his attitude.  He comes across as confrontational and unsympathetic.  He is part of the establishment  as he has had many government jobs but none of them in the executive role but is also not really part of the mainstream corruption.  https://www.tedcruz.org/ Assessment:  Conservative values= 9, Leadership abilities= 7, Corruption by DC= 0
The DEMs:

  • There is only now on tier as the bottom two have dropped out.
    1. Bernie Sanders, Vermont, two term Senator, former EIGHT term congressman from Vermont, former Mayor in Vermont, small odd jobs including filmmaker.  Actually, an "independent" he always sides with the Democrats.  His socialist ideas are not mainstream but is the Donald Trump of the democrats as he reflects the "outside Washington anti-establishment for liberals" side.  He is very progressive and outspoken but has been in Washington for the last 18 years and has no competition in his small populated liberal state but he has no executive experience. His policies would be like Obama on steroids but with less prejudice. https://go.berniesanders.com/page/content/splash  Assessment:  Conservative values= 1, Leadership abilities= 6, Corruption by DC= -1
    2. Martin O'Malley, Maryland, three term governor, former Mayor of Baltimore and city council for 16 years, served as chair of DEM governors.  A family man but fights for non-traditional family values.  He has not been part of Washington per se, his mother is highly involved in the last 30 years.  He did accomplish a lot during his tenures in all of his positions. and many of them have been positive in return.  https://martinomalley.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 2, Leadership abilities= 8, Corruption by DC= 1
    3. Hillary Clinton, New York, former Sec of State, former two term Senator from New York, former First Lady of the US, former First Lady of Arkansas, former lawyer, involved with many charities.  She has been part of Washington for the last 23 years, by far longer than any other candidate.  Her problems are far more than this page can hold, scandal after scandal has followed her but perhaps the biggest is still happening, her TWO FBI investigations into her emails and Benghazi where four Americans were killed because of her indecision. She has done a lot more than Obama in her career does play the family woman very well expressing her being a grandmother all the time.  She is the queen of all promisers.  https://www.hillaryclinton.com/  Assessment:  Conservative values= 5, Leadership abilities= 1, Corruption by DC= -5
Add these all up and here are the rankings from worst to best:
  1. Clinton= 1
  2. Sanders=  6
  3. O'Malley= 11
  4. Trump = 14
  5. Carson = 14
  6. Christie= 14
  7. Rubio = 14
  8. Kasich= 15
  9. Cruz= 16
  10. Fiorina= 16
  11. Bush= 18
Yes, the best candidate is again a Bush.  Read 'em and weep.  The best ticket would be Bush/Cruz.  The worse ticket would be Clinton/Anybody.

**note:  John Kasich was added later due to his late arrival to the race**


hawkssong68 said...

Curious. Will you vote for Trump if he wins the ticket?

Tim said...

I really really really do not want to do that!!!!!!!!! I think he is a pig. I think he is an idiot. I think he is pompous. He is a bully who insulted his way to the top. But he didn't let four Americans die in Benghazi. He didn't sign the papers that took $50 extra out of my paycheck each month for someone else that I could have given out of charity; now I have less for charities I want to give to. He is also not pandering to groups who will vote for him, although his tact of speaking needs to be censured. He is also not going to go even farther than Obama did, such as free college???? How? Who will pay the professors? How will any programs be expanded? Someone WILL pay for it. People should be allowed to keep their guns, although I hate guns with a passion.

So to answer your question, I pray there is a 3rd alternative or one of the three remaining GOP will get the votes. Kasich is a butt head, but Ohio has turned around. Cruz is a jerk but he holds more (not all) of my values. Rubio is a little baby but he is my generation and maybe we need to finally get rid of the hippies. But if it comes down to Clinton and Trump...the coin may go to him. If it is between Sander and Trump, I think Sanders will tip our country over too much.

I know that is the answer you were looking for :) and I tried to oblige you.

There is just no one who is worthy of this job. Bush had the best qualifications and demeanor but because of his name, he was toast.

hawkssong68 said...

If it's anyone vs. Clinton, I write in Sanders. If it's Trump vs. Clinton, I HAVE to vote Clinton. She's a war monger. She's a liar. But, she's not Trump.