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November 13, 2016

#16 Here is why Donald Trump won.

Some people are claiming the only reason why Donald Trump won the election is because of racism. (ex: Whitelash) Some are saying it is sexism. Some are saying because the system is broken. All of these do have some valid points and no doubt these are definite factors that help contributed to his victory, but overall they are incorrect summations of the situation. Basically, the underlying tone of comments such as some are saying means Trump won because of the "racist white male".

So what do you say about all of those who consider themselves a "minority" and still voted for him? More than twenty percent of Hispanics voted for him (Latino Vote). Over forty percent of women voted for him (Woman vote).  About 8% of black voters supported Trump.  Did they "white lash" their own vote? Yes, there was a factor involved that involves what has been said, but bottom line this was a referendum on two things:

1. Obama's failed policies, just to name a few:
  • Ideas like "cash for clunkers" created prices of cars to go up negating any buyer
  • Millions went on unemployment but are not even counted in the numbers because they gave up looking for work
  • The debt is now over $19 trillion dollars, almost tripling what it was
  • He promised to cut the deficit in half.
  • Lies about Obamacare, such as rising premiums
  • His deals like the one with Iran that put us at risk
  • His pen is mightier than the sword approach (both domestic and foreign)
  • His divisiveness about issues instead of being the healer of a nation.
  • Lying about his "transparency"
  • Spying on people, IRS scandal
  • Rise of ISIS, calling it JV instead of dealing with it
  • Solyndra failure
  • "Fast and Furious" scandal
  • Apologizing for America being powerful and successful
  • Disrespecting the 911 families with his veto
2. Clinton's untrustworthiness and deceptions:
  • Scandals after scandal that include perjury, illegal activities (of all types)
  • Her change of views, her empty promises to whatever group she was talking to
  • Benghazi
  • The emails
  • Her cover-ups about women Bill slept with
  • Her words about groups that didn't support her
  • The behind the scenes scandals of the debates and Bill's weird meetings with officials
  • Hillary's problems
You can give any excuse you want.  And without Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago she would have been handed her butt on a silver platter.  She and Obama were her worst enemies.  Trump is an idiot with all the things he did but this was against the last 8 years.  They are angry with the divisiveness.  They are angry with the slow recovery.  They are angry with the lack of action.  They are angry with the wrong action.  They are angry at the arrogance and narcissism.  Most of the people who voted for Trump only did it so she would not get elected.    They are afraid of the lack of trust.  Half of the rest did it because they did not want the same thing Obama has been doing.  They are afraid she would carry on the same stupidity of the last 8 years.  Half of the rest probably think Trump actually has good ideas.  He did run a few businesses for years and is a billionaire due to some this decisions.

None of this is to praise Trump.  He is not a conservative, heck he used to be a Democrat, and his views are far-fetched on many issues.  He has said some of the stupidest things on a campaign and has been rude and arrogant and out right wrong.  But a very few voted for him just because he is a white male.  They wanted change and not the type that Obama promised and failed with nor the type she stood for.  Sorry liberal.

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